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"There will be no bugs in this game!"
Sam after he kills ZumZum.[src]

ZumZum is the second boss of Serious Sam 2.


ZumZum is a large hornet-like creature. He has two attacks: spawning ZumZum Jr.s and shooting projectiles at the player. He will also charge at the player and try to sting the target.

Boss fight[]

The fight starts with Sam under an enormous basket with a minigun in front of him. There are four flower pods in the surrounding area, which ZumZum will use to regenerate health when it goes too low, it is recommended you destroy these with the minigun. There are also other large items around the level, which Sam can use to take cover from ZumZum's attacks, however ZumZum Jrs can infiltrate them.


  • As soon as the level starts, grab the minigun near you, but don't use it yet. ZumZum regenerates by using the four tall flowers on each side of the field, so destroy them before attacking. Shoot him with the XM214-A Minigun until he is dead, while switching to the double barrel to deal with the minions he spawns.
  • The projectiles are fairly easy to evade if you are on the move, but ZumZum Jrs are dangerous and should be immediately destroyed.
  • However, it is likely you will kill him before he gets a chance to spawn enemies, unless you are playing on high difficulties.
  • In the baby bottle to the left of your spawn point, a Serious Damage power up will spawn eventually. That plus the minigun or Beam Gun will easily obliterate ZumZum.
  • As of the 2.90 patch, if the player obtained the secret Beam Gun from Deadwood, they can use it to easily destroy ZumZum, especially if the Beam Gun is dual wielded via the combo weapons system. The Beam Gun deals more damage than its counterparts, the XL-808 Plasma Rifle and Minigun, and is also hitscan like the latter.


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