The Zorg Mercenary is a common enemy that appear in Serious Sam: The Second Encounter and Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter. They act as main lightweight ground troops, largely replacing Beheaded Rocketeers.


The Zorg Mercenary is a bipedal, skinless lizard-like creature. Its people, the Zorgs, managed to create a large interstellar empire. After conquering enough planets, they decided to take a very long break on a tropical planet in their system. They sunbathed all day from 10am to 4pm. After the years, these long sessions began to take theur toll, as this caused the Zorgs' skin to fall off.

After their disastrous vacation, Mental hired huge numbers of them and imported them from an unknown universe to act as disposable grunts, in an effort to stop Sam. Zorg Mercenaries can be encountered in groups of any size, and are usually accompanied by a few Zorg Commanders.


The Mercenary's attacks resemble those of Beheaded Rocketeers, with the differences being the Mercenary's gun firing two blasts in quick succession, with twice as much damage and faster projectile speed as the Rocketeer's projectiles. Generally, if one projectile hits a target, the other will almost always as well because of how quickly they are fired. They have no melee attack, even in Serious Sam HD.


  • A Mercenary's projectiles are easy to dodge; the player can either strafe past them or jump over them if they don't have enough room to strafe past them.
  • Lone or small groups of Zorg Mercenaries can be easily dispatched with either the Schofield .45, 12 Gauge Pump-Action Shotgun or M1A2 Thompson.
  • Large groups of Zorg Mercenaries can easily be cut down with the M1A2 Thompson, XM-214-A Minigun, or the XOP Flamethrower in a matter of seconds. If Mercenaries are clustered together, one rocket or grenade can take out the entire cluster and significantly harm any Mercenaries near it.
  • Mercenaries are a minor nuisance when mixed with other enemies. They should not be a priority target when taking out a group of enemies. With rapid-fire weapons, lining up Zorgs with more dangerous enemies mean that they go down as well.


  • In the Second Encounter, the player can select the Mercenary as their multiplayer model under the name Skinless Stan.
  • The Zorg Mercenary is called 'Grunt' in the game files.


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