The Zombie Soldier is an enemy that appears in Serious Sam 2. They are undead soldiers that wield a minigun. This minigun has good accuracy, making it deadly, even at long range.


Early on in the game, the Zombie Soldier will be placed near the player, but in later levels, the Soldier will be placed far away in order to “snipe” the player from a distance.


  • The Soldier is one of the most dangerous enemies if left alone. Its high rate of fire and accuracy allows it to quickly do damage at any range. It should be one of the first enemies taken out by the player because of how deadly it is.
  • The Double Shotgun is very effective against Soldiers at close range. One blast will always manage to kill it.
  • Faraway Soldiers can be taken out with the RAPTOR Sniper Rifle. One scoped shot will always kill it.


  • The Zombie Soldier bears a similarity to the Zombie Chaingun Commandos from Doom 3, as they are both zombies that wield a minigun (chaingun in Doom) and wear a German World War I-styled helmet.
    • He also has a slight resemblance to the Heavy from Team Fortress 2.


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