The Zap Gun is a chargeable energy weapon that appears in Serious Sam 2. It is used by various NPCs and Sam Stone throughout the game.


The Zap Gun fires a single projectile. The power of the projectile depends on how long the fire key is held down; if the Zap Gun is simply fired, the projectile will be very weak, but if the fire key is held down to its maximum, it fires a powerful projectile.

If the gun is charged to the max, it will automatically fire the projectile after charging is done.

The projectile fired by the Zap Gun can home in on enemies and fly past corners to get to a target.


  • The Zap Gun projectile's limited homing ability makes it useful against fast enemies at short range, as the projectile can get the enemy even if the player misses the original shot.
  • Uncharged Zap Gun shots are almost useless, as simply firing uncharged projectiles has a lower rate of fire than the Anaconda and it takes time for projectiles to get to a target.
  • Charged up Zap Gun shots can be useful against weak stationary targets, such as small Yellow ScorpSoldiers. It usually takes about two or so charged shots to down a weak enemy, and firing two charged shots is almost as fast as emptying the Colt Anaconda's magazine.
  • Charged up Zap Gun shots are almost useless against any medium strength or strong enemy, as charging up shots gives the gun a low firing rate, which can be fatal when trying to fight off multiple medium strength or strong enemies.


  • The Zap Gun's model almost shares similarities with the Type-25 Directed Energy Pistol from Halo. They both have a charge shot.
    • Its charge shot may have also been inspired by the Zeus Class Fusion Pistol from the game Marathon.
  • Like the SOP38 Pistol, the Serious Sam logo can be seen on the Zap Gun.




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