The XZ-808 Flying Saucer is a flying vehicle that appears in Serious Sam 2.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The XZ-808 is a floating saucer equipped with two laser guns and a set of blades that rotates around the ship. The lasers will quickly fire from each side (but not fire at the same time), while the blades will slice into any enemy that they touch. In addition, it is fairly fast, allowing the user to either quickly avoid projectiles or charge into enemies to slice them up.

The saucer's lasers deal an average amount of damage, but they will rapidly fire by holding down the fire key. This lets the player fire a constant stream of lasers, which can be quite powerful if they manage to constantly hit an enemy for two or so seconds.

Occurrence[edit | edit source]

The flying saucer is a somewhat rare vehicle. It appears only a handful of times throughout the entire game. first appear Ursul Gardens and last appear Chaolin Temple

Tactics[edit | edit source]

  • The flying saucer's speed and maneuverability makes it easier to dodge enemy projectiles. Take advantage of this to dodge large groups of enemies and/or their projectiles.
  • Use the saucer's maneuverability and speed to circle strafe enemies while firing at them. The saucer's maneuverability allows the player to quickly circle around enemies, while the gun's lasers can bring the pain to
  • Ramming into enemies with the saucer is fun, but it does damage the saucer in the process because it'll either get shot while charging or take some damage because both the enemy and the saucer hit each other at the same time. Use it to cut down groups of weak enemies without having to slowly shoot them all with the saucer's lasers. The blades are too weak to use against stronger foes, such as the Tank Bio-mechanoid, without putting the player in danger.
  • The saucer has a decent amount of health, so don't be afraid to do risky things with it, like ram into enemies. It has enough health that it can survive quite a few enemy attacks or ramming into enemies before it explodes. However, if it ends up being destroyed in the middle of a battle, the player may be in danger depending on the position they are in when it blows up, so they should be careful when the saucer's health is low.

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