The XM4000 Minigun is an automatic weapon that appears in Serious Sam: Next Encounter. It functions almost identically to that of the XM214-A Minigun from other Serious Sam games.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The XM4000 is a minigun that has been adapted to use 9mm rounds. Despite this rechambering, the XM4000 is just as effective as the classic XM214-A Minigun, as its high rate of fire can cut any target to pieces, no matter how strong they are.

The XM4000 can be equipped with homing bullets. Once loaded with homing ammo, the minigun's bullets will lock on to nearby enemy targets and swarm towards them using the latest 'Fire and Forget' technology. Even the most hardened alien scum have been known to "up and turn tail" at the sight of a swarm of homing bullets. The player can switch between homing and normal ammo types with the use key (E by default).

Tactics[edit | edit source]

  • The XM4000 is an excellent weapon to use against every enemy in the game. Its very high rate of fire can shred weak or medium-strength enemies in no time, and a few seconds of sustained fire can rip through even the strongest enemies.
  • The minigun needs a few seconds to wind up when the fire key is first held down, so the player should make sure they have enough room to dodge enemy's attacks during that second or so.
  • Its good accuracy makes it useful against enemies at long range, such as Witch-Harpies and the Phoenix Bomber.
  • Despite being a minigun, the XM4000 uses less ammo per shot than the Shofield Uzi Pistols, but has a higher rate of fire than them. This makes ammo conservation less of an issue than it was with other miniguns in the Serious Sam games.
  • Homing bullets are extremely useful and should be used as soon as they are obtained. They will home onto a target no matter where they are in relation to the player. A swarm of homing bullets can destroy a horde of enemies with ease, no matter how strong the enemies are.

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