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The XL2 Lasergun is an experimental energy weapon that appears in the Serious Sam series. It was created via reverse engineered energy weapons that are used by Mental's bio-mechanoids.


The Lasergun fires lasers in a box pattern; two lasers are fired on the left side, then two lasers are quickly fired on the right side. One electricity cell is used for each shot fired. Its quad firing barrels automatically compensate for recoil and the weapon's pure titanium frame makes it impervious to overheating and extremely light.

The lasers fired by the Lasergun are projectiles, which means it takes time for them to reach a target.

It is worth noting that unlike previous games, the Lasergun in Serious Sam 3: BFE appears exclusively as a secret weapon, and not a regular weapon the player would normally find without secrets. It's because of this, its ammunition is also limited by how many secret electricity cells, or spare secret Laserguns the player comes upon (but if you conserve its ammo and pick up all secrets that relate to it, you can reach its maximum ammo capacity part way through The Guardian of Time). However, in the Jewel of the Nile DLC, the Lasergun can be found throughout the level as if it was an ordinary weapon.

In The First Encounter, the Lasergun is first obtained in Dunes.

In The Second Encounter, the Lasergun is obtained in The Pit.

In Serious Sam 3: BFE, the Lasergun can be first obtained in Into the Spider's Nest as a secret. Ammunition can also be found for the Lasergun later in the campaign as secrets.

NETRICSA descriptionEdit

"The XL2 is still in experimental phase, but has so far proven to be a very reliable weapon for various purposes. Four barrels fire in succession, allowing the weapon to deliver "slowlight" energy pulses with extremely high rate of fire for a long period of time without overheating. Made entirely of titanium, it is both very light and immune to usual overheating problems making it an excellent energy weapon. Anti-recoil mechanism completely removes the small kickback caused by ordinary "slowlight" launchers making this weapon very precise and easy to use."


  • The Lasergun is a great alternate weapon to the minigun, as it deals a similar amount of damage.
  • The Lasergun is a great weapon for taking out hordes of Kleers. Its lasers do great damage against a Kleer, and its rate of fire is fast enough to quickly do a lot of damage on a horde of them.
  • It is also useful against slow or stationary enemies at any range, such as Major Bio-mechanoids, Zumb'uls and Fiendian Reptiloid Demons. Slow enemies are very easy to predict, making it easy to land shots on them.
  • Because it takes time for the lasers to reach a target, the Lasergun is not very effective against fast enemies at long range, such as Scythian Witch Harpies. The player will very likely waste cells trying to kill them while it would be far easier to switch to another weapon which would use less ammo to kill the same enemies.
  • One or two lasers are enough to destroy a Fiendian Reptiloid Demon's fireballs.
  • The Lasergun is best used when being attacked by a wide variety of enemies and rushing enemies have already approached to their attack range.
  • Compared to the minigun, aiming should be done slightly upwards as otherwise lasers can hit hilltops and tops of ledges instead.
  • While the weapon fires quickly, it's still important to lead targets as not to waste cells due to the lasergun's projectile nature.
  • Remember that in Serious Sam 3, both the weapon and ammunition for the XL2 can only be found in secrets during the campaign, so it is recommended to use the weapon against tough enemies, confrontation of hordes of weak enemies (such as Kleers or Beheaded Rocketeers), or as a last resort.
  • The Lasergun is useful against slow or stationary enemies at any range, such as Major Bio-mechanoids, Scrapjacks and Adult Arachnoids. Slow enemies are very easy to predict, making it easy to land shots on them.

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Space marine Space Marine
Kill 1000 enemies with the Laser gun.


  • The Lasergun does not appear in Test 1 or Test 2, but its ammo model can be found in both.
  • The Lasergun sound in The First Encounter is different than the sound from the Second Encounter. In The First Encounter, the lasergun sounded like the laser cannons on a TIE Fighter from Star Wars. Subsequent releases of the game have replaced the TIE laser sound effect.
  • The Lasergun's model in Serious Sam 3 was originally the one in Serious Sam HD.



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