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The Wolfinator is the final boss of Serious Sam Advance.


The Wolfinator is a bipedal creature with a wolf's head. Presumably, it was responsible for Sam Stone being teleported to Ancient Rome after defeating the Sirian Sphinx.

It is found in Caesar's Palace, the last level in the game.

Behavior and skills[]

The Wolfinator's primary attack is firing electrical orbs at the player. These orbs will split into three orbs when it reaches the middle of the room. Its second attack is summoning Gunrillas to attack the player after a certain amount of time has passed.


  • The Wolfinator behaves nearly exactly the same as the Sirian Sphinx. It has the same electric orb attack and will summon enemies after a while. The only difference is that it summons Gunrillas instead of Cyclopes.
  • The Uni-Directional Microwave Transmitter is very useful when fighting against the Wolfinator. One shot will kill all of the Gunrillas it summons, making it simple clearing them out in order to start attacking the Wolfinator again. However, the UMT does no damage to the Wolfinator.
  • As with the Sirian Sphinx, the minigun and rocket launcher work best against the Wolfinator. The minigun can quickly deal a lot of damage to the Wolfinator due to its high rate of fire and decent damage per bullet, while the rocket launcher does less damage, but its decent ammo reserve and damage per shot will allow the player to finish off the Wolfinator if they run out of bullets.


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