The Witch Harpy is an enemy that appears in Serious Sam: Next Encounter.


The Witch Harpy was originally a member of a species that consisted of female humans with wings. When Mental arrived and gave them an offer to join his army, they refused. In response, he disfigured their faces and enslaved them. Now, they serve as one of his many aerial units.

Attacks and statsEdit

Witch-Harpies have two attacks; throw a magic ball and melee. They will attempt to get close to their target so that they can use their melee attacks.


  • The Harpy's projectiles can easily be dodged by simply strafing away from them.
  • If a Harpy gets close enough to do a melee attack, it will take them a second to perform a melee attack, giving the player an extra second to run away or kill her.
  • Groups of Harpies can be taken down with the Shofield Uzi Pistols, XM4000 Minigun or Sirian Power Gun.
  • Harpies that are close to the player can be taken out with the XOP Gas Gun. The Double-Barrel Shotgun also works well against close-range Harpies, as one shot can usually take out two of them at once.
  • Later levels will flood areas with Harpies, giving the player a prime opportunity to start a killing spree.

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