The Wickerman is an enemy that appears in Serious Sam: Next Encounter.


Created from the tortured souls of shamed Chinese warriors by Lo Pan, the Wickerman is raised from the Earth with diseased limbs of Wicker, a lone, dilated eyeball hidden by their hats. Their soul will be in constant torment until the day they are finally released from their bonds by death.


Wickermen will try to get close to the player and slap them. They run fairly slow, being vulnerable to attacks while spawning, and take a second to fully hit their target, making them easy to avoid. However, their slap attacks deal a lot of damage, making them dangerous if they surround the player.


  • The Double-Barrel Shotgun works well against the Wickerman, one shot will kill them at close range.
  • The Wickerman can be easily avoided by walking away from it. It can't attack unless if it gets too close to the target.
  • The Double-Barreled Shotgun and XM4000 Minigun are effective weapons against groups of Wickermen. The shotgun will instantly kill one of them and has a low-reload speed, allowing the player to kill them quickly, while the XM400 Minigun will do a lot of damage to groups in a short period of time.
  • When paired with other enemies, the Wickerman is considered a low-priority target because it is often easy to avoid it.

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