The Vuvuzelator is an enemy that appears in Serious Sam: Double D.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Vuvuzelator is a living pile of pancakes with vuvuzelas on it and forks for legs. It will constantly pursue a target. When it gets close to the target, it will begin playing loud music, which hurts the target as long as it is within its music radius. When its health has been reduced to 0, it will start playing its vulvuzelas and play them at a higher pitch until it explodes. Anything caught in the explosion radius will be hurt.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

  • Vuvuzelators can easily be avoided by just running away from them. They will not attack unless they manage to get close to the player.
  • Explosive weapons are not recommended against the Vuvuzelator, as it will constantly try to get close to the player, which puts the player at risk of being harmed from their own explosions if they kill the Vuvuzelator near them. The self-inflicted damage from a rocket or grenade accidentally exploding near a Vuvuzelator does far more damage than their attack does.
  • Rapid-fire weapons such as the Thompson submachine gun, along with the 12 Gauge Shotgun, work best against the Vuvuzelator. The rapid-fire weapons can quickly put down a Vuvuzelator, while the 12 Gauge Shotgun can quickly put one down if all of the pellets connect. Putting them together pretty much guarantees that a Vuvuzelator will be killed within seconds.
  • Multiple Vuvuzelators can be dealt with by using rapid fire weapons, along with a shotgun or two in the same stack. A combination of rapid-fire and shotgun blasts can completely overwhelm Vuvuzelators.
  • Vuvuzelators are not a problem when paired with other enemies. They are easy to avoid, and they're weak enough that they can be killed in the crossfire between the player and other enemies if the player is using rapid-fire weapons.

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