"Double the gun, double the fun."
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The Uzi is an automatic submachine gun that appears in Serious Sam 2.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Uzi is an automatic weapon that fires 5.56mm bullets. It replaces the M1-A2 Thompson Submachine Gun from Serious Sam 1. Also, like the Thompson, the gun doesn't need to be reloaded. Sam always holds two of them at once, which doubles the Uzi's fire rate. Like the Schofield .45, Serious Sam can dual-wield them.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

  • The Uzi has great accuracy, which lets it hit enemies at long range with little accuracy drop.
  • If the player switches from the Colt Anaconda to the Uzi, then Sam will hold one Uzi and one Anaconda. The Anaconda can be fired by hitting the primary fire key, while the Uzi can be fired by hitting the alternate fire key.
  • The Uzi works best when used against hordes of weak and medium-strength enemies, such as Beheaded Kamikazes. Its fire rate is fast enough to dispatch them without wasting ammo and it does enough damage to quickly thin out the group.
  • The Uzi also works well against weak flying enemies, such as the Floater. Its insta-hit bullets and great accuracy allow the player to hit them as soon as they appear in the player's crosshair, which can be very useful if the enemy is fast.
  • Its low damage and rate of fire makes the Uzi ineffective against strong enemies, so the player should swap it out for a stronger weapon if a tough enemy is encountered.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Uzi in-game is actually a Mini-Uzi.
  • The Uzi firing 5.56mm ammunition is a little bit of an oddity. The Uzi in real-life fires 9x19mm ammunition, and 5.56mm ammunition would be too large to fire out of a small machine-pistol like the uzi. The minigun also fires 5.56mm ammunition, so its likely that the Uzi sharing the same ammunition was purely a game design choice or an oversight.
  • The text on the side of the right Uzi reads "Micro Suzi Pistol". The same text is reversed on the left Uzi.

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