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Ursul Gardens is the seventh level of Serious Sam 2.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Serious Sam arrives in Ursul's large gardens, which lead to the ceremonial area. However, before he can start his journey through the gardens, he must defeat Mental's forces, who are invading the area. After saving that part of the gardens, Sam goes to a door to enter the next area, but it's locked. Thankfully for him, a key is hidden nearby. He picks the key up, kills the enemies that teleport in, then uses the key to enter the next part of the gardens.

Beyond the locked door is a large grassy field filled with enemies. When he's done clearing all of the enemies from that area, he heads to the next one, which is a huge area with a large building on the other side and a rock arch in the center. When Sam approaches the large building, several Simbas and the Simba Shaman appear to drop off some supplies. After grabbing the items they left for him, another invasion force appears across a large, marble arc. Once again, Sam clears them out.

When he's done with the second force, the Shaman appears again and tells him he's close to the ceremonial area. Sam uses a nearby building to climb up and reach the yard before the ceremonial area. However, before he can enter it, NETRICSA tells him that he should collect four bananas scattered nearby for good look. He does so, then enters the ceremonial area.

Secrets[edit | edit source]

  1. In the first area, walk along the left wall until you reach an arc made out of rock and a few rock piles just past it. Behind the rock piles is Sniper Rifle Bullets. Pick them up.
  2. On the right-most obelisk in the center of the arena, there is a switch. Use it, and the player will be electrocuted for 20 damage and a secret will be registered.
  3. In the large grassy field that connects the starting area with the large building, there is a Serious Score in the back of the part that leads straight forward to the end of the grassy field. Pick it up.
  4. After the large grassy field, you will be in another field that has a very large building on it's opposite end, and a rock arc in the middle of it. When you enter this area, look for an obelisk on the right. Walk to it, then go to it's right. Soon, you'll end up in a secret area that has four Small Armors and a Treasure Chest. Note that the secret will be registered when you get close to the items. After picking them up, two Rollerballs and Rocket Turrets will spawn in the large are you were just in.
  5. To the left of the large building is a basketball net and a basketball. Toss the ball into the net (press F to hold it, stand straight in the center of the net, then release F) and a SBC Cannon with 3 sets of Cannonballs will appear.
  6. Walk along the right wall of the large building until you see a small corner at the very back with a chicken and an ammo pack behind it. Walk near the chicken in order to register the secret.
  7. Continue walking along the edge of the wall until a Treasure Chest spawns. Pick it up.
  8. In the courtyard with a water fountain in it, there is a pile of rocks. The biggest one has a switch on it. Press it, and the player will be electrocuted again for 20 damage, along with a secret being registered.
  9. Past the rocks is a small housing area. Walk to the left until you reach a corner with a Treasure Bag and a Treasure Coin in it. Pick up the items, and a Beheaded Kamikaze and a XZ-808 Flying Saucer will appear. The secret will register when you pick up the Treasure Bag.
  10. In the area where you need to collect the five bananas, go to the left of the building opposite from where you entered it. There will be a large pile of rocks. Jump on a rock, then jump on the building near the rock piles. There's an opening that's big enough for you to fit in. When you're there, jump towards the large rock in the rock pile. This may take a few tries. When you're on the rock, go to the wall, then look right. You'll see a treasure chest. Pick it up to register the secret.
  11. Go back to the building that's opposite of where you started, but this time, go to the right of the building. When you get close to the wall, a Treasure Bag, Large Armor and Large Health will teleport in and a secret will be registered. After grabbing the items, some enemies will spawn in.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

this level cutscene seen two T-Mechs and so many Orcs appear

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