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"Try not to get yourself blown up out there tough guy."
Hellfire to Sam.[src]

Unearthing the Sun is the seventh level of Serious Sam 3: BFE and Serious Sam 3 VR: BFE.


The data that Sam Stone recovered from the Sirian chamber underneath the Great Pyramid indicates that two temples in Egypt house enormous generators beneath them that will power up the Time-Lock. With "the arrow" in his possession, Sam only needs to get to the Temple of Horus, open the door, and turn it on.


  1. Immediately at the start you can see a pill bottle behind you. If you run up to it you will hear some giggling and it dashes off further into the desert. When you pick it up the message "Secret jester pills found!" shows up and several Beheaded Kamikazes spawn in.
  2. Near the starting point to the left is a broken wall with some pillars in front of them. There is a small nook at the top of the wall where ammo is hidden. Seen from above, the wall is "T" shaped — the ammo is located at the intersection. While the walls extending from the T are destructible to explosives, the area that the sniper rifle bullets are located on is not. This means that if the walls around it are completely destroyed, the ammo will stay up there and you'll have no way to jump up to reach it. For this reason it's recommended that you either go for the pickup quickly after starting (before heavy fighting takes place), or fight away from the area where it won't get hit by rockets.
  3. Once you get to the wall, head around it to the left, keeping close to the wall to avoid the Sandwhale. Grab the lasergun. You must head back from here or the Sandwhale will get you.
  4. As soon as you enter the building set in the wall, the first statue on the left has ammo behind it. Blow it up with the Mutilator or a rocket and take the minigun bullets.
  5. As soon as you drop down, turn around. A Medium Health pickup is behind you.
  6. (Serious Sam Fusion only) In the big room with pillars and Cave Demons, there is a large ammo cache. It's accessed by going up the room, like you normally do, but when you reach two holes on the left and right sides to jump into, jump into the right one and you'll go down the slope for this cache.
  7. When you're getting the four keys for the Sirian door, straight across from the entrance are columns. The rear columns on the left are supporting some ammo; break the columns and collect the cannonballs.
  8. Left of the column area at the corner of the region are some fallen block columns and palm trees. Behind the column is a Large Health.
  9. Behind the temple set inside the rocky walls is some armor and some electricity.

Known ways to break out of the mapEdit

  • If you run around the wall to the right in the large open space after the crypt you can loop back around the map and make it a little ways. If you get on the wall you can head around to the left and skip a bunch of the map. The half-buried structures on the left side are a strange form of semi-safe zone that cause the worm to constantly surface randomly around Sam (sometimes killing him, often not). Unfortunately, there is only so far you can go before the distances between buildings becomes too great. If you drop down at the end of the level you can end it right there and the game will act as if the generator was activated.
  • After activating the generator, you can jump down to the walkways on the left. You can even climb up onto the generator itself using one of the higher spokes pointing at it. It's possible to get back by sprinting up against the wall, and then jumping back on the platform.