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The Ugh-Zan Tank is the sixth and final boss of I Hate Running Backwards.


The Ugh-Zan Tank is a heavily armored, blue futuristic-looking tank that features metallic armored plating with body spikes on the front, back and sides of the tank. The armor plating is very thick, making it able to withstand a lot of damage before it can be destroyed. The tank is powered by jet engines, which allow it to travel at very fast speeds.

The tank serves as the back up vehicle that houses a powerful computer. If Ugh-Zan is destroyed, his consciousness will be automatically uploaded into the tank's computer.

Attacks and statsEdit

The Ugh-Zan Tank is equipped with an arsenal of weaponry. During the fight, the Ugh-Zan Tank will cycle through various phases. It has three phases and one transition phase.

For the duration of the whole fight, Beheaded Kamikazes will appear from trap doors underneath the arena, which are mainly to serve as a distraction to the player. Spike traps will also appear to make the fight more challenging.

First phaseEdit

In the firt phase, the tank will fire several large red plasma spheres in succession, both straight ahead and diagonally, which explode into smaller blue plasma spheres when hitting the player or when they reach a certain distance. These smaller, blue plasma spheres will travel in many directions and explode with the player on contact.

Transition PhaseEdit

After the first phase is over, the tank will begin its transition phase. During this time, the tank will lock onto the player's position, and charges to the top of the screen, out of bounds, while also firing 3 homing missiles into the air. During this charge, the Tank is also invulnerable to all damage.

Second phaseEdit

Once the second phase begins, it has a chance to trigger two different sub-phases. The first sub-phase involves a mass swarming of Kamikazes that will swarm the player from the bottom of the screen. The second sub-phase is the rockt barrage phase. Rockets will start spawning at one side of the arena and then to the other side. The rockets are either fired straight or diagonal. This barrage occurs twice every phase.

Third phaseEdit

The third and final phase is the flamethrower phase. The tank will return to the middle of the arena and activate its flamethrowers. The tank will then rotate its flamethrowers clockwise. Once this is over, the tank will resume its first phase again.

Related achievementsEdit

Double Tap Double Tap (10G) S
Kill the second form of Ugh Zan

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