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"And that's how we do it on planet Earth you overgrown space cockroach."
Sam to Ugh-Zan IV after killing him.[src]

Ugh Zan IV is the fourth incarnation of the legendary Ugh-Zan dynasty, and one of Mental's loyal servants, serving as a general in Mental's army. He is the final boss of Serious Sam 3: BFE and Serious Sam 3 VR: BFE.


Ugh-Zan IV appears.

Ugh-Zan IV is alleged to be the biological father of Ugh-Zan III, a paradox attributed to an accident with an experimental time-machine. He is a very large creature, with four arms (two natural arms and two augmented ones) and four large legs, which serve as a bio-mechanical quadruped which act as a base replacing the legs.

During the fight, he will be constantly surrounded by Mental's forces (Khnums, Major Bio-mechanoids, Minor Bio-mechanoids and Technopolyps) and will spawn in reinforcements until either he or Sam is dead. Periodically, he will wrestle with the Sandwhale.

Powers and abilities[]

Like Ugh-Zan III, Ugh-Zan IV can move quite fast, despite his size. He can also spin quickly on his cybernetic base, allowing him to deal with threats who may be trying to attack the vulnerable weak spot on his back.

His primary attacks are firing wide, fast-moving projectiles, that while easily dodged, do a considerable amount of damage. He will stomp on the player at every opportunity at close range. He's generally not considered as difficult as Ugh-Zan III.

He has very high health regeneration that increases the lower he is on health, and while regenerating, he is immune to the player's weapons.


  • As soon as the battle starts, go left into the building nearest the large structure in the center of the arena. This building has a jetpack (in the Fusion version, the jetpack is located in the middle of the arena), which is required to kill Ugh-Zan IV (this means that it is impossible to beat the boss if the player has power-ups turned off to increase their score, because that stops the jetpack from spawning). Be sure to grab the health and armor pickups in this building.
  • Avoid hanging around on the ground for too long. Ugh-Zan's stomp attack is devastating in terms of damage, while the hordes that arrive to assist him can kill the player quickly if they aren't careful and evasive; most of the spawned enemies as well as Ugh-Zan himself fire fast-moving projectiles at the player, which can lead to a near unavoidable wall of incoming damage.
  • Once the jetpack has been obtained, fly up and start looking for a large green/red pile of scaffolding poles. When this pile is found, fly down and walk over one of these piles to pick a pole up. It is best to be quick whilst doing this, as the hordes and Ugh-Zan's projectiles will cause a lot of damage if the player is not hasty enough.
  • Now, fly around and dodge Ugh-Zan's attacks until he starts wrestling the Sandwhale. While he is fighting the Sandwhale, fly to Ugh-Zan IV's back and get close enough so that a red outline of a pole appears on his back. When this red outline is seen, throw the pole to stick it into Ugh-Zan's backside.
    • Be careful not to fly too close to the Sandwhale, though, as it will still eat the player alive.
  • Eventually, after fighting off the Sandwhale, Ugh-Zan will be struck by lightning. This does some damage (depending on the number of poles in his back) and temporarily shuts off his regenerating ability.
  • The goal is to toss five poles into Ugh-Zan's back. When five poles have been shoved into his back, he will have almost all of his health taken away by a lightning strike, along with his regenerating ability temporary being shut down. A few charged SBC Cannon shots will finish him off.
  • Three or so poles can work if the player has already softened up Ugh-Zan IV with several charged cannon shots, or if he gets struck by lightning twice in rapid succession, dropping his health to next to nothing.
  • The enemies that spawn with Ugh-Zan are not a threat and do not give points when killed. It is typically easy to dodge their projectiles while flying around with the jetpack. However, the player should use care if they have to land while their jetpack cools off.
  • If the player needs cannonballs to hurt Ugh-Zan IV, there are many scattered throughout the level in the buildings. However, they need to be careful if they use the cannon against foes on the ground, a charged shot will bounce and likely miss its intended target(s) if proper timing and sufficient aim are not applied.
  • The AS-24 Devastator or XPML21 Rocket Launcher will also work if the player runs out of cannonballs, but obviously will require more hits to inflict comparable damage, so five poles will likely be required. Note though, that cannonball pickups will respawn in certain places, if the player gets the time to look for them. Devastator shells are however in limited supply while an infinite rocket crate is present.
  • On Tourist difficulty, the player can beat the boss with only 1 pole, and they don't need to wait for the lightning to strike.
  • In Serious Sam 3 VR: BFE, the fight is much simpler. Unloading all of the Devastator shells on him, as well as a few cannon balls, is enough to kill him.

Related achievements[]

Serious Sam 3: BFE[]

File:The doorman should wear a suit.jpg
The doorman should wear a suit 10 Gscore.png Ps 2 silver.png
Awake the Guardian of Time.

Serious Sam 3 VR: BFE[]

File:The Doorman Should Wear a Suit.jpg
The Doorman Should Wear a Suit
Awake the Guardian of Time.

Serious Sam Fusion[]

File:The Doorman Should Wear a Suit SSF2017.jpg
The Doorman Should Wear a Suit
Awake the Guardian of Time.


  • The rockets fired by Ugh-Zan IV use the same model as the Major Bio-mechanoid's rockets from Serious Sam HD. They also look similar to the Serious Sam HD version of the XPML21 Rocket Launcher's rockets.
  • Just like with the Sandwhale, some of Ugh-Zan IV's sounds are reused from Kwongo from Serious Sam 2.
  • Ugh-Zan IV being the biological father of Ugh-Zan III due to a time-travelling accident bears similarity to the lineage of the character Zaphod Beeblebrox, from Douglas Adams' The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Zaphod's father was Zaphod Beeblebrox II, his grandfather Zaphod Beeblebrox III, etc., also due to a time-travelling accident.


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