Tourist Difficulty is a difficulty setting found in some Serious Sam games. It is always the easiest out of all difficulties.




Tourist Difficulty is the first (and easiest) level of difficulty in all Serious Sam games it has appeared in. It doesn't exist in Test 1, but it's replaced by Easy Difficulty in Serious Sam Xbox.


Tourist Difficulty allows the player to start with 200 health, and if damaged, they will slowly regenerate 1 health point until it's 200 again (100, for SS2 and Xbox). This also means the maximum health and armor allowed is 300. On top of that, enemies deal much less damage than on any other difficulty level. This makes it actually difficult to die on this difficulty setting. A player can even take a stomp from Ugh-Zan III and survive, if at full health and armor. Player is also given twice the amount of ammunition compared to normal and hard difficulty. There is no self-damage, so the player shouldn't worry about damaging themselves with Rockets, C4s, and so on. Although, Grenades and Cannonballs can damage the player if the player walks right into them and triggers their detonation. Enemies starting from Second Encounter have also half of a health of normal difficulty. Some of the enemy behavior is also affected. For example, Minor Biomechanoids and Arachnoids will shoot a smaller burst of lasers/bullets at the player, compared to higher difficulties. In First and Second encounter, the number of enemies is also smaller. Usually this means that larger battles have fewer different types of enemies attacking and some smaller ambushes may be missing altogether.


There is nothing "bad" about this difficulty, asides from seeming too easy for some players (and damage caused by walking onto grenades) and lowering the score the player will receive.

However, the player cannot perform 'rocket jumps' in Tourist difficulty. For example, there are 2 secrets in the Dunes level (SS1 and HD: TFE) which require rocket jumping in order to reach them. Because Tourist difficulty prevents self-damage and therefore 'rocket jumping' can't exist. Hence the player has to jump onto enemies to reach these secrets. Also, there is a Secret in Luxor that cannot be achieved on Tourist since it requires you to pick up a +25 Health Bottle, which cannot be done on this difficulty setting.

Suggested forEdit

This difficulty fits newcomers of Serious Sam, or generally FPS-genre games, or casual players. It could be also played for various testing purposes (or speedrun playthroughs) as it is really hard to be killed in this difficulty, and you have plenty of ammo, as well as enemies are weaker in general. This is also the best setting when trying to explore and find all the secrets. This is also a great difficulty setting to play on if you just want to lay waste to Mental's forces, and not have the threat of death to worry about.


  • It should be noted that at least one achievement in SS3 — Load of Scrap — cannot be achieved on this difficulty level. E.g. to "Rip Scrapjack's head off." you cannot simply use two or three rockets or any other weapon. Thus the Scrapjack will never get stunned on Tourist Difficulty.