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Tomb of Ramses III is the third level of Serious Sam: The First Encounter, Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter, Serious Sam VR: The First Encounter, and Serious Sam: Xbox.


After obtaining the air element, Sam must now acquire the second element, which is located in the Tomb of Ramses III, in order to open the passage to Memphis together with the other elements.


  1. In the first room, where you can go either left, right or straight, go right and take the stairs to the upper part. Eventually, you'll come across the edge of the platform. Jump the gap between the platform you're standing on to the opposite platform to find a secret place.
  2. Before the room with the wall that lowers and the ambush, jump up the lamp on the right, and from there on the ledge. Turn left to find a secret passage to the corridor with the juvenile Arachnoid.
  3. From #2, walk right. After 2 turns, you'll see a Super Health.
  4. After killing the juvenile Arachnoid, walk out of the corridor and take the stairs to the left. From there, turn left, you'll see some more stairs. Walk up to them, and to the edge of the platform, you'll see a portal (it's more obvious in the HD version of the game), jump in it to be teleported to a secret place with a rocket launcher.
  5. The rocket launcher from #4.
  6. From the Ramses door, walk turn 180 degrees instead and you'll see a column. Follow the platform halfway to it, and turn right, you'll see another platform. Jump on it and follow it to the end, and then turn right to see another secret Super Health.
  7. Before the final fight, turn right as you're next to the door, go to the edge of the wall, and turn left, you'll see a secret passageway. Walk up to it to find a secret room full of supplies (this will spawn some Kleers before the passageway on higher difficulties).
  8. From #7, there's a door which leads to the "room" where the juvenile Arachnoid was when you pick up the armor shard at the top of the second staircase when entering the room. There's a +200 armor there.

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Serious Sam FusionEdit

Earth element Earth Element
Obtain the Earth Element.


  • This level has a more blueish atmosphere in the classic version of the game.
  • The part before the Ramses door and after the corridor where you first encounter the Arachnoid was the base of the deathmatch map "Horus Web", in Serious Sam HD. Only though during the day, and with some missing parts from the ceiling so sunrays can come in.
  • In Serious Sam: Xbox, this level is named "Tomb of Ramses", not "Tomb of Ramses III".