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This article contains spoilers. It might spoil your gaming experience when first playing these games.

Together Forever is the second level of Jewel of the Nile, the DLC for Serious Sam 3: BFE.


After arriving at Abu Simbel, Sam searches nearby tombs to find the Sirian control room that will activate the time lock. He visits the tomb of Ramses the Great, an ancient Egyptian leader, but with the help of Quinn he finds out that the statue of his wife, Nefretari, is missing. He goes looking for her statue in another nearby tomb, recovers it, but as it turns out, the control room wasn’t in Ramses’ tomb either, so he continues his journey to find it.


  1. As you start, go to the second building near the shoreline. Fall down from the cliff next to it, and look at it to spot a cave. Walk within the cave to find a ladder, which you must use to climb up and into the house to find a secret cannon. From there, you can open the house's door by pressing the Use button.
  2. Just after the ruins in the first area, go to the leftmost part of the mountain and follow the mountainside. When you reach the first house, go behind it, and you’ll spot a door. Destroy it with an axe to discover a secret Frustrated Kamikaze.
  3. In the military base, near the tower on the right, is a large garbage container with crates near it. Jump on the crates, and from there to the container. Look up from there until you see a ladder, press E to use it and climb up inside the tower to pick up a secret minigun.
  4. From the first tomb, follow the cliffside to the corner to find an entrance to another tomb. Go inside to find a “Secret Legend of the Beast”, with a miniature Khnum in it. The secret is between the two tombs.


  • The secret Frustrated Kamikaze is using a computer which is running the Total Commander program. The folder which is open is the folder containing the computer monitor model files.