The Toad Hopper is an enemy that appears in Serious Sam: Tormental. They are encountered in Sea of Thought.


The Toad Hopper is an enemy spawned by the Queen Hopper. They are often encountered in small groups when they are spawned.


The Toad Hopper's only attack is to charge into the player. They are quite fast, though, and can swarm the player if he/she isn't quick enough to eliminate them.


  • Toad Hoppers are very easy to kill due to their low health. A few Pistol shots is enough to take v group out. Other effective weapons are the Machinegun and Shotgun.
  • When being swarmed by Toad Hoppers, the Sledgehammer is an ideal weapon to wipe out an entire group. When using Bomb's ability, it is even more useful for wiping them out.
  • Dash away from groups of Toad Hoppers as soon as they charge towards you, as they can be dangerous in large numbers.

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