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"Welcome, stranger!"
―The Trader's usual catchphrase upon greeting the player.[src]

The Trader is a supporting character who makes an appearance in Serious Sam: Double D: XXL.


The Trader appears as an elderly male humanoid who belongs to the same species as General Maxilla. It is unknown if he is affiliated with Mental's forces. When he was younger, he went to grade school with Maxilla, and would beat him and take his lunch money. He thinks that bullying him would explain why Maxilla was trying to conquer the world.


Serious Sam: Double D: XXL[]

The Trader will appear several times throughout the game, often near checkpoints. He owns a shop that contain upgrades for the weapons the player uses. These upgrades can be purchased with Cerebral Controllers, which are dropped by enemies after they are killed or can be rewarded from completing challenges. As the player progresses through the course of the game, more upgrades will be unlocked.


Sam Stone[]

He is friendly towards Sam and will happily greet him whenever he comes by. The Trader likes to share his life story and other things about him or General Maxilla with Sam when interacted with.


  • He says he once dated a Femikaze, but things turned out to be a lot more messy than expected after she blew up.

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