The General is an enemy that appears in Serious Sam 2. They are modified Bull Soldiers that have a Tank Bio-mechanoid's lower body. This combines the Bull Soldier's rocket launchers with the Tank Bio-mechanoid's maneuverability, which makes it a deadly foe.

Attacks and statsEdit

The General's main attack is to fire a rocket from one arm, then quickly fire another one from the opposite arm. This lets it fire two rockets almost at once. In addition, it will also smack the player with it's guns if they get too close to it.

The General has two variants; large and monster. The large version has more health and is larger, while the monster version is much larger than the normal version, has a lot more health, can regenerate its health to a certain point when its low, and is equipped with much-larger rockets.

Occurrence Edit

The normal variants of The General appear throughout the game, the large variant appears in Shield Generator and Siriusopolis Downtown, while the monster version appears in Coast 2 Cost and Command Center.

The General is apparently, besides bosses, the strongest enemy in the game.


  • The General's rockets can be avoided by strafing in one direction. Make sure there's enough room to dodge, as close-range rockets are a bit harder to dodge than medium or long range ones.
  • The General's rockets can also be blown up by shooting them, which is handy if you can't deal with The General at the moment, but you still need a way to neutralize his rockets so they don't hit you while you're dodging other enemies and their attacks.


  • Multiple Generals can be taken out with the MK 4 Grenade Launcher or the XPML30 Rocket Launcher. The minigun works better if they need to be taken out ASAP, while the rocket launcher works better if the player has some time to kill them. This is because the rockets fired by the rocket launcher are slower than the minigun's insta-hit bullets.
  • When paired with other enemies, The General is a medium threat. While it's rockets are dangerous, they can be shot down, which makes it easier to handle it when swarmed by other enemies.


  • Powerful weapons are needed in order to kill the monster variant. Charged up SBC Cannon shots and Klawdovics are the most effective against the monster variant. The cannon can inflict a very large amount of damage with one shot, while the rocket launcher can do a lot of damage.
  • The large variant's rockets are very powerful, but at the same time, their larger size makes it easier to shoot them down. Take advantage of this if the player needs to use rapid-fire weapons to wipe out close-range annoyances before focusing on the large variant. The rapid-fire gun can also shoot down the rockets fired by the monster variant, making it easier to deal with him while under attack from other enemies.
  • When paired with other enemies, the large variant is a high threat because of how powerful its rockets are and how it's size can restrict player movement if it starts moving forward. Get rid of him ASAP in order to make it safer to dodge other enemy attacks.

Monster Edit

  • The monster variant can regenerate his health when it is low, which means the player needs to constantly focus on him in order to take him down. If the player stops firing to focus on killing other enemies, this'll give the monster variant some time to regenerate some health, making it somewhat more difficult to finish him off.
  • Use the CH-181 Hover Bike's speed to avoid the monster variant's rockets. The rockets fired by it are huge, but the Hover Bike is fast enough that it can avoid its rockets if the player is constnatly either circle strafing or moving in one direction.
  • Keeping some distance between it and the player is quite important with the monster variant, more so than with the other ones. The monster's rockets are harder to dodge at close range than at long because they have a very large explosion radius and they'll hit something much sooner if they're shot at close range than at longer. Being at long range when it fires its rockets gives the player time to avoid it's large explosion radius.
  • Try to target the monster first when facing other enemies. It's size gives the player less room to move around and dodge other enemies, and it's large rockets can be dangerous because of their large explosion radius.


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