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"Wait for me Montezuma, here I come!"
Sam upon entering Teotihuacan.[src]

The City of the Gods is the third level of Serious Sam: The Second Encounter, Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter and Serious Sam VR: The Second Encounter, the sixteenth level of Serious Sam Classics: Revolution and the seventeenth level of Serious Sam: Xbox.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Sam, having acquired the crystal skull, makes his way to the large Mayan city of Teotihuacan. He must get towards the Sun Pyramid and activate the Time-Lock, so he'll be closer to completing his mission.

Secrets[edit | edit source]

  1. (HD and VR only) Starting at the beginning of the level, blow up all of the 2-headed snake statue. One above the doorway of the first courtyard, one above the doorway of the courtyard with the minigun, one above a house in the same area as the third statue (same house with the 'cannon secret (#10)', and one before the building that you enter the "underground complex". When you blow them all up, a teleport will appear in front of the building with the underground complex, leading you to a secret area with some rockets, and a giant 2-headed snake statue. Blow up the statue to return back to the area you teleported from.
  2. After exiting the starting area, follow the wall to the right and cut down the tree near the house, revealing a secret area with a Large Health.
  3. Opposite of #2, there are some cannonballs in the lower leftmost corner of the courtyard.
  4. In the upper rightmost corner of the first courtyard (near the temple), there's a darker section on the wall to the left. Blow it up to reveal a secret armor.
  5. Opposite of #4, in the upper leftmost corner, pick up the health pill to trigger a secret "bloodbath" (spawns 3 Major Bio-mechanoids on top of the walls).
  6. In the temple with the scary mask, as you enter it, look to the right. You'll see a fallen pillar/column, blow it up to reveal a secret corridor.
  7. From #6, follow the corridor to find a room with some cannonballs. Blow up the column in the middle to reveal a secret SBC Cannon.
  8. In the next courtyard, with the minigun, there are some trees on the left. Behind the third tree is a teleporter to the "yard of strange-looking heads". To exit the secret yard, enter the temple in the end, opposite of where you teleported from, and touch the blob-like thing.
  9. Still in the same courtyard, there is an Ammo Pack (cannonballs in Serious Sam HD and Serious Sam VR) behind the building opposite of the entrance.
  10. Before the underground complex, there is a house with a 2-headed snake statue on it (with said entrance behind you, to top-right). As you approach the house, you will hear some giggling. Enter it (the door is a shadow, and has no texture) and sidestep to the right quickly, to find a secret "lost Spanish cannon" (which will shoot almost immediately as you enter the house). Also destroy the cannon.
  11. In the village before the underground complex, go to the wall opposite of the entrance and look to your right, there is a large health behind a house.
  12. When you enter the building that leads to the underground complex, in the middle of the hall, there is a pillar above you with a Super Health. Blow it up with a rocket and collect the health.
  13. After sliding down a slide, after #12, blow up the wall to the right in the hall you're currently in to reveal some secret items.
  14. Opposite of #13, blow the wall to the left to reveal a "secret poker game" (and 3 Zumb'uls).
  15. In the windy corridor with the spike pits, jump into the first wind tunnel openning on your right and walk in to find a secret passage. When you see an item and pick it up, in the secret corridor, two tiny Cucurbitos will spawn.
  16. In the lava cave, go to the wall on the right and follow it. Behind the half-submerged building is a small ledge, in the lava river, with some rockets.

Related achievements[edit | edit source]

Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter[edit | edit source]

Balls of steel.jpg Balls of Steel
Find all 3 Cannons in Teotihuacan - The City of the Gods.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This level is split into two parts in Serious Sam: Xbox, The City of the Gods and Inner Sanctum. Inner Sanctum lasts from the half of the level from when you enter the building that leads to the underground complex until the end of the level.
  • After the hall from secret #10, you can jump below the slide and slide down to get some power-ups, but there are some spikes at the end. The only way to exit it is by sliding from the sides and rocket jumping out when you're near the spikes.
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