Test 1 was Croteam's first technology and compatibility test for Serious Sam: The First Encounter, because earlier builds were only compatible with Windows 95 and 3Dfx Voodoo Graphics Cards.


The level is Karnak Demo, which seems to be like in the final version but has many differences, textures, secret positions...etc. NETRICSA also says that the part of Karnak the player's currently in is "The First Pylon", one part of the Karnak Temple Complex from four (in the original beta, Karnak was split into 5 parts). The following parts were the Amon Complex, The Sacred Lake and Main Temple of Amon-Ra. Also there was supposed to be one of the futuristic levels but it's cut; that explains the other lights, textures, models which were not used in Test 1, also 2 ammo models which were not used in Test 1 - the Grenade and Electricity which were supposed for 2 scrapped weapons, the Pipebomb and the Ghost Buster, which files were in the game. Also in the Test 1 files you can find the Nuke Ball ammo for the cannon, as seen in the level picture, so it seems that the SBC Cannon was supposed to be in Test 1 which makes Test 1 definitely a bigger preview than the final release of it.


It seems that Test 1 had few development phases, as there were supposed to be 2 scrapped weapons and one of the futuristic levels cut from the final game, from the Sky City part of the game, there were many left overs from those cut parts, it seems that the level was cut few months before the release of Test 1, as there are no NETRICSA messages about it (maybe it was even before Nettie). In the first NETRICSA messages there is an Obelisk on the screen and models from beheaded zombies from earlier builds, the obelisk doesn't exist on the map but if you die close to the wall you can see the obelisk below the floor and few lakes, and other content cut from Test 1. Interesting enough, the player model in Test 1 had written "COOL" on his hand gloves, like in the earlier builds of the game, but in FPS view the gloves are like in the final version. According to the only picture from Test 1 (bit earlier) time, of the scrapped level, it would be the level from the splitscreen picture, there were the Ghost Buster, Pipebomb, and you can see the NukeBall ammo which the SBC Cannon used.


  • Diffferent textures for doors.
  • Adult Arachnoids had a very different model.
  • The Beheaded Rocketeer's weapon was different.
  • Beheaded Firecrackers carried a chainsaw, like they do in Serious Sam HD.
  • Beheaded Soldiers had a different sound set.
  • The Military Knife could slice faster than usual, but dealt lower damage.
  • Different Sounds for the: Schofield .45, 12 Gauge Pump-Action Shotgun, Double Barrel Coach Shotgun, Rocket Launcher and the XM214-A Minigun. Schofield .45 reloading sound is the same.
  • Scrapped weapons could be seen in the controls options menu.
  • The spawning system was different; enemies spawn in mid-air and stay there for a while with no different animations and then they drop down and start acting.
  • Four difficulties: Easy, Normal, Hard and Serious.
  • Easy Difficulty was like an easy Normal Difficulty, self damage is on and ammo and health are at 100%, unlike in the original game where they are at 200%.
  • Old player sound set.
  • The player cannot go into 3rd person mode and cannot jump as high as in the original game.
  • The Military Knife deals less damage and has an attack delay.
  • The Beheaded Soldiers' NETRICSA messages, in the "Tips" section, do not have an indent ( - ) before the "no known problems" unlike in the original game where they have "- No known problems"
  • There is an XM214-A Minigun in the Generous Yard secret.
  • Opening NETRICSA does not pause the game while you're reading.
  • Different textures on many map parts...
  • Different secret positions.
  • Different knife animations.
  • Different player model and menu options set.


The weapons in Test 1 were:

  • Military Knife, the player already has it, as always, when the game starts.
  • Schofield .45, found in the secret area on the ceiling of the first (excluding the starting) room (with the secret platform) or found after the 12 Gauge Pump-Action Shotgun in the open area, to the right after you exit the door. The player already has a single Schofield .45 when the game starts.
  • 12 Gauge Pump-Action Shotgun, found in the end of the room after the first (again discluding the starting) room.
  • Double Barrel Coach Shotgun, found in the right edge on the platform that leads to the temple that can activate the sphinx mechanism.
  • Rocket Launcher, found in the room with the sleeping Arachnoid. If the player picks it up, the Arachnoid will awake.
  • XM-214-A Minigun, found after the player has gone through the Portal in the Karnak temple near the Ankh Pool, in the end of the Ankh Pool, it is about near where you started.
  • Ghost Buster, it was supposed to be in Test 1, but it's scrapped, it can be brought in the game because it had all files to work.
  • Pipe Bomb, its ammo and few files exist in Test 1, it was supposed to be in the other level from Test 1, scrapped so they change format, names... for the Pipe Bomb files so the player can't use it, just like the Ghost Buster.
  • SBC Cannon, while it is unusable in the Test 1, its model can be found in the game's files. It appears to be no different compared to the final one. It was also supposed to be in the scrapped futuristic level as on the picture if you look closely you can see the Nuke Ball ammo the Cannon used at that time.


The enemies in Test 1 were:

  • Beheaded Rocketeer, a basic enemy appearing many times in the beginning of the level. They also had a different pain/death sound. (This (may) go with the other beheaded enemies)
  • Beheaded Firecracker, a basic enemy, not as common as the Beheaded Rocketeer, but still appears quite a lot. They had a chainsaw, but did not use it.
  • Beheaded Bomber, a basic enemy, not as common as the Beheaded Rocketeer or the Beheaded Firecracker, but makes some appearances.
  • Beheaded Kamikaze, appears sometimes near the end and near the beginning.
  • Kleer Skeleton, appears many times, and in the ending cutscene. They had a different model skin (being yellow and having small white eyes/beady styled eyes) and animations.
  • Gnaars, many males appear, and some females. Most of them near the end are flying. Both Gnaars had a different animation in their NETRICSA messages.
  • Sirian Werebull, makes some appearances in the beginning, and a lot in the end.
  • Scythian Witch-Harpy, does not have a NETRICSA message, but appears in the Ankh Pool and in the end. They had a different model.
  • Adult Arachnoid, appears sometimes. They had a different model skin (Looking more shiny/smoother).
  • Major Biomechanoid, appears only in the end. They had a different model and animations.
  • Minor Biomechanoid, he can only be found in Test 1 files, he was probably supposed to be used in the scrapped "Futuristic" level from Test 1.
  • Juvenile Arachnoid, appears in Test 1 files, but he is not used in Test 1, only in the scrapped "Futuristic" level.