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The Technopolyp is the product of an attack helicopter that has been infected with colonies of minute cyber-parasites, most likely a more complex cluster of protopolyps, and almost certainly related to the kind employed to convert humans into Processed Anthropolyps.


The Technopolyp is an obscure species whose origin is not well known. However, its ability to hijack machinery suggests that it was most likely genetically engineered as a biological weapon by Mental to use in his army during the Mental War and for the need of improved air support.

The colonial organism consists of a huge number of individual microscopic organisms, called zooids, that can reproduce and reconfigure the super-organism as needed. This enables it to quickly adapt to any host machine and to repair damages to the organism itself, or to the host machine, during battle. Due to the helicopter's armor, Technopolyps can endure multiple hits from rockets and other explosive projectiles and take a substantial amount of damage from bullet-firing weapons before being destroyed. They can, however, be instantly taken down with a cannonball fired from the SBC Cannon.

Aside from the helicopters that Technopolyps are seen attached to, it is possible that they can fuse with other military vehicles as well, such as APCs or tanks, but so far they have only been seen hijacking helicopters.


Technopolyps, like other air units in Mental's army, are usually deployed to locations where air power is more convenient for dealing with an enemy threat, or for wiping out groups of resisting human forces. If the enemy proves to be tough to deal with, more Technopolyps may be required.


In their appearances, Technopolyps are seldom seen and are not usually encountered until the middle to late portions of the games they appear in. In Serious Sam 3: BFE, the first Technopolyp appears as a boss in No Place to Hide after taking control of Garret's helicopter. Afterwards, it appears sparingly, usually one or two at a time. During the fight with Ugh-Zan IV, Technopolyps appear more frequently to assist him, and will keep spawning until Sam or Ugh-Zan is killed.

In Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope, Technopolyps are more common that then are in Serious Sam 3.

In Serious Sam 4, the first Technopolyp encountered appears in When in Rome, and then appearing every now and then throughout the levels.


The creature attached to the helicopter has no weapons of its own, but it can utilize the machinery it has hijacked and make use of its weapons (if it has any) against their opponents.

When engaging the target, the Technopolyp will fire either the helicopter's machine guns or rockets. The bullets they fire, at first, have low accuracy, but will become more accurate after a few rounds are fired. Their rockets are much harder to avoid due to their blast radius, especially in Serious Sam 4, since they actually home in on the player compared to the ones they fire in the previous games.

The Technopolyp has advanced AI compared to other enemies, and will fly around when not shooting, which makes it harder to hit with slow projectiles. However, it will not move while it is firing the helicopter's weapons.


Serious Sam 3: BFE[]

  • Try to get close to a Technopolyp's underside when fighting one. This makes it easier to hit it because doing so closes the distance between the player and the Technopolyp and makes it a larger target.
  • The best time to hit a Technopolyp is when it's still while firing at the player. It cannot dodge projectiles while firing, making it easy to hit it with projectiles.
  • When using the XPML21 Rocket Launcher against Technopolyps, do not fire while it is moving around. The rocket launcher's rockets are too slow to hit the Technopolyp, even when their direction has been compensated.
  • The A-24 Devastator's projectiles are more effective against the Technopolyp because of how much faster they are compared to rockets. However, the player still needs to aim ahead of the Technopolip if they want to hit it while it is moving.
  • The SBC Cannon works great against Technopolyps although only a handful of them are encountered while wielding a cannon.
  • If a Technopolyp is with other enemies, it should be a high-priority target because of how damaging and accurate its bullets can be, especially in higher difficulty levels. If left unchecked, the Technopolyp can easily kill the player while they're not expecting it.
  • As Technopolyps were changed to have 50% resistance to bullets and plasma in the Fusion version of the game, bullet-firing weapons still are not to be used, especially shotguns due to them only having a x0.35 damage multiplier against Technopolyps.

Serious Sam 4 / Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem[]

  • The rocket launcher may not seem like an ideal choice, but as Technopolyps appear by the time the player has acquired the homing rocket upgrade, it makes the rocket launcher the ultimate anti-Technopolyp weapon. It only takes roughly four to five rockets to bring one down. As the rockets will track the Technopolyp, this can make it very useful for ones that are moving around in the sky.
  • Aside from the rocket launcher, the FRPCL is another brilliant weapon for dealing with this enemy if the player has acquired it; the projectiles fired by the weapon can destroy this enemy in seconds. The player can also use the weapon's chainsaw mode by holding down the secondary fire key to destroy the Technopolyp's rockets up close without harming themselves.
  • Just like in Serious Sam 3, the Devastator is a very effective weapon against them due to the speed and damage of the projectiles it fires.
  • As Technopolyps can be damaged by any weapon in this installment, strong weapons or rapid-firing weapons such as the XL2 Lasergun, TCC2 "Perun" Crossbow, XPMR "Burner" Raygun, and the XM214-A Minigun work great against lone Technopolyps, though it takes a considerate amount of ammo to bring one down.
  • If the player is low on ammo or doesn't have a better weapon, a lone Techopolyp can still be destroyed by spending a full magazine of the M29 Infantry Assault Rifle or AK74MX on it or from a few 12 Gauge Pump-Action Shotgun grenades. If the player is patient enough, even dual-wielded SOP38 Pistols can help to deal with this enemy.

Related achievements[]

Serious Sam 3: BFE[]

Achievement Get the hell off my ride!.jpg
Get the hell off my ride! 10 Gscore.png Ps 3 bronze.png
Secure the bird.

Serious Sam 3 VR: BFE[]

Achievement Get the hell off my ride! SS3VRBFE.jpg
Get the hell off my ride!
Secure the bird.

Serious Sam Fusion[]

File:Get the hell off my ride SSF2017.jpg
Get the hell off my ride!
Secure the bird.


  • Though NETRICSA states that the Technopolyp can regenerate, it is never seen doing this in any of its appearances, most likely for balancing reasons.
  • It is estimated that there are more EDF helicopters that have been taken over by Technopolyps than flown by EDF pilots.
  • The rockets fired by the Technopolyp in Serious Sam 3 and Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope uses the same model as the ones fired by the Major Bio-mechanoid.

In Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope, Techopolyps die instantly rather than have their helicopter circle around for a brief period of time before exploding.


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