Technology Test is a level in Serious Sam: The First Encounter and Serious Sam: The Second Encounter. It has no connection to the game's single player campaign nor a deathmatch level.


Serious Sam is warped into a large, outdoor area with a temple on each side and is only armed with a Military Knife and Schofield .45. The design of the temples depends on the game the Technology Test is in. In The First Encounter, it is Egypt-themed, while The Second Encounter version is Mayan-themed. Each temple has different special effects to test if the player's computer can run them. The temples are surrounded by either a never-ending desert or grass field, depending on the game it is in.

The left temple leads to the Temple of Models, which shows off diffuse shading, specular shading, environmental mapping, bump mapping, translucency and transparency, multiply and add blending, particles and various models in fog. The rendering techniques are shown via a Utah Teapot, a model often used to test various rendering techniques.

The right temple leads to the Temple of Effects, which shows off the rendering effects basic texturing, texture layers and blending mode, mirrors and reflective surfaces, portals, haze, volumetic fog, procedural textures, lens flare and animating lights.

There are no weapons, enemies, nor exit in the level, since this level is meant to test out various effects in a safe environment.



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