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The T-Mech is an enemy that appears in Serious Sam 2. It is essentially a copy of the Major Bio-mechanoid with the head of a Tyrannosaurus rex smoking a cigarette and a Chinese dragon's moustache.


The T-Mech is the son of the Major Bio-mechanoid. It swore revenge against Serious Sam after he killed the T-Mech's dad in Serious Sam 1. Originally slated to not be in the game, the T-Mech managed to bribe its way into the game, but only on the condition it got a facelift.

T-Mechs are first encountered on planets M'Digbo and Magnor, the latter where they first appear as actual enemies in Deadwood. They then appear somewhat frequently from the Kleer planet onwards. Lots of T-Mechs appear in the final level.

Behavior and skills[]

In-game, the T-Mech behaves pretty much the same as its Serious Sam 1 counterpart; it will walk towards the player and fire one rocket at them, then fire another almost immediately after. After two rockets have been fired, it will have a cool-down period before firing the rockets again. However, the T-Mech's rockets are actually weaker than the Major Bio-mechanoid's, dealing only 20 damage with a direct impact alone as opposed to 100 for the Major Bio-mechanoid. Both still deal the same 50 splash damage though.


  • The T-Mech's rockets can be destroyed with gunfire, which is useful if the player doesn't have enough time or space to effectively dodge the rocket.
  • The XL-808 Plasma Rifle, Beam Gun, XM214-A Minigun, and XPML30 Rocket Launcher are very effective against the T-Mech. They both have a good rate of fire and their attacks do a good amount of damage against it. Concentrated fire on the T-Mech with these weapons will kill it in no time.
  • Unless Serious Damage is active, try to avoid using weak weapons, such as the Auto Shotgun or the Uzi, against the T-Mech. They'll slowly chip off his health while he and his nearby allies are attacking, which, considering how many enemies usually spawn when a T-Mech is around, is a terrible thing.
  • The Klawdovic and SBC Cannon are brilliant weapons to use as one or two (on Serious difficulty) can kill them.
  • The T-Mech should be one of the first enemies targeted by the player in a fight. Its rockets are fast and can cause significant damage if they explode right on or near the player.


  • An early render showed that the T-Mech had no relation with the Major Bio-mechanoid.
  • Strangely enough, the T-Mech's rocket launchers share the Double Shotgun's firing sound.
  • The T-Mech is named "TorsoMech" in the game files.




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