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Summer in Cairo is the first level of Serious Sam 3: BFE and Serious Sam 3 VR: BFE.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Sam Stone is en route in a helicopter along with Jones and Rodriguez to a museum in Cairo to protect a professor whose security detail has lost contact. Professor Stein is believed to have translated some hieroglyphs that could help activate the Time-Lock, mankind's last hope to defeat Mental's Horde. Stone's helicopter is shot down over the city, and he makes his way through the winding streets to the museum.

Secrets[edit | edit source]

  1. Use the Gnaar's eye — as soon as you melee the first Gnaar, look across the roof from where it came from. There's a green speck two buildings over. Throw the eye at a high enough arc (standing at the edge, at the same level as the top of the tall building to the left) that it hits the speck and tosses it onto the roof. If you miss with the eyeball, you can try again with one from another Gnaar (don't run or change weapons while holding an eye, as it will cause it to vanish/drop). Pick up the shotgun and kill the next Gnaar, showing a "secret assistance!" message. Note that the secret doesn't register if you use the melee attack, sledgehammer or any other weapon to kill the second Gnaar.
  2. On top of the starting building — jump across to the roof with an antenna that is beside the door down; the Sledgehammer is a "parkour secret." There is no reliable way down, but try jumping for a window ledge to break your fall.
  3. (Serious Sam Fusion only) in the building — on the third floor, there is an open door. Go through the door and you be in a room with another door which is shut. Use the sledgehammer to break down the door. Inside there is a dead soldier with a large pile of Kleer skulls and three assault rifle clip magazines. Pick up the clips to register the secret. Keep in mind that after picking up these clips, a Kleer will spawn outside the room.
  4. (Serious Sam Fusion only) on the second floor — there is a closed door which, again, you need to use the sledgehammer to break it down. Inside this room is a locked cell door with an XPML21 Rocket Launcher in it. Head outside and turn right to find some keys in a dumpster. Use these keys to unlock the door and obtain the launcher.
  5. From the roof where you've picked up the sledgehammer in the previous secret, jump down to the lower roof and face the building you originally started the game on. You will see some caged balconies that have a small ledge you're able to jump to. Jump across to land on the second from the top, then face the building you've just jumped from — you will see balconies as well. Jump towards the left side of the middle (second from the top) balcony to grab some a box of 10 shells.
  6. On street level beside the starting building — a clip of shells is in an alley; pick it up to get the secret. A Beheaded Rocketeer is right beside it.
  7. Just after you kill the first Gnaar on ground level — to the left you can see a glowing blue armor on the third floor of a ruined building. Jump on the boxes, then the garbage bin, then the kiosk. Press up against the building directly under the armor and jump straight up to pick it up; this is another "parkour secret."
  8. After the road where you fight a bunch of Gnaars — you walk through a ruined wall. Look to the right beside a garage. Behind a corrugated wall is a health pickup.
  9. When you get the call from Jones — you head through a building that has stairs to the right. Go up two floors (jumping over the ruined stairs) and walk out to the balcony. Pick up the shoes to obtain Sam's classic outfit.
  10. On the first main road containing a Beheaded Rocketeer — behind the bus stop is a stone wall coming out from a building. Walk around it to the left and you will see a gap in the wall concealed by a bush. Go through the gap to pick up some electricity.
  11. When an Alcor Class Warship blows up a building — after the fight, head through a broken section of wall and into an area with garages. Look to the left behind a bin to see a wall with uneven bricks. Break the wall with the sledgehammer and head on through to find many posters with special text and a "Secret Yard of Fame Found!" message. There is also a Medium Armor around the corner from there.
  12. Just after you pick up the pistol — look left and jump on some boxes and over the wall, and you will get a "Secret graffiti yard found!" message and some assault rifle bullets.
  13. It is possible to get secrets #13, #14, #15, and #16 (in that order) if you don't accidentally fall off the wall or roof (if you do fall, you'll have to circle back around and enter the secret yard here on secret #11). In the street before the parking lot — on the left hand side you can see a decrepit truck through a gate. Jump on the barrel behind the garbage bin, the bin, then over; a "secret yard found!" message pops up. Pick up the Small Armor, which will spawn some Kleer Skeletons.
  14. In the alley beside the parking lot (in the area where secret #10 is), head back toward the gate you jumped over to enter the secret yard and jump on some boxes on the left, then up on top the garage, heading left towards the parking lot. Note that you will pass secret #16 before reaching secret #14, but save that until later if you want to save a little bit of time. From here you will be able to see secrets #14 (shells on the portable) and 15 (one health on a building ledge). Run over the shipping container and jump over to the portable in the parking lot, and pick up the shells.
  15. When you're standing on the portable from secret #15, look towards the building — you will see a health pickup on a ledge. You can jump on to the wall from here or backtrack and run along the wall from the building. Either way, follow the wall until it meets the building and then jump up to pick up the health (stay on the wall if possible to get faster access to secret #16). In Serious Sam Fusion, picking up this pill with spawn some Rocketeers.
  16. Backtrack on the edge of the wall towards the where you came from, then head left, back towards the gate you jumped over to enter the secret yard. On the left will be a dark alley with some cells. Hop down and get the electricity.
  17. In the parking lot, jump on a car sticking out of the garages on the left, then hop down to between the garages. There is a clip of assault rifle bullets down there. Climb out using the barrel.
  18. In the plaza before the museum, where the helicopter crashed, there are several garages on the far left. One of them contains a small armor.
  19. After the final battle against the Kleer Skeletons — a message saying "secret Arc de Triomphe enabled!" Head back to the ruined archway and walk through it. A "secret Arc de Triomphe enabled. Welcoming committee is arriving." message shows up, and several Beheaded Kamikazes will spawn.

Speedrunning[edit | edit source]

  • In the area where you see the Khnum, you can jump the concrete barrier by going over the gate.
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