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The Spider Mechanoid is an enemy that appears in Serious Sam 2. There are two variants of Spider Mechnoids with different types of attacks.


The Spider Mechanoid is a genetically engineered organism that was created in Mental's laboratories. There are two classes of Spider Mechanoids. One that acts like a spawning mechanism, simply called "The Mommy," and a smaller, weaker one that is used for infantry. The smaller ones usually attack in groups.


The Spider Mechanoid first appears at the end of Road to Ursul, where multiple large Spiders appear. The large ones are quite common on the Siriusopolis levels. Many of them appear towards the end of Mental Institution.

Behavior and skills[]

The insides of Spider Mechanoids are filled with poisonous acid, and the web they eject can be lethal if the player receives multiple shots. They are very quick, but the downside is that they have no armor.

On the other hand, the bigger ones are tougher to bring down. Their bodies are waxed with a big layer of ant acid, so every metal object that hits them is soon disintegrated, leaving only small amounts of damage. The large Spider's projectile is programmed to intercept the player if they are strafing in a certain direction.


  • As with the regular Spiders, the player should strafe in a certain direction, then change direction as soon as they see the Big Spider start its firing animation. This lets the player avoid the Big Spider's projectile and avoid the splash damage from the projectile hitting the ground.
  • If the big Spider Mechanoid spawns with regular Spiders, the player should eliminate the regular ones first, then go after the big one. The small ones can significantly harm the player while the player is trying to avoid the Big Spider's projectiles.
  • The most effective weapon against big Spider Mechanoids is the SBC Cannon. Charged up shots can inflict a very large amount of damage on it.
  • If the player doesn't have a cannon, the Clawdovic is also effective against the big Spider variant. A small volley of Klawdovics can usually kill one.
  • If the player lacks the other weapons, the XPML30 Rocket Launcher can work, but it will take a while because of how little damage rockets do to the Big Spider.
  • Groups of Big Spiders should be taken out with the Serious Bomb. They player should make sure that all Spiders have spawned in before using the bomb, or else they'll have to clean up the one or two that didn't appear before the blast went off.
  • If the player lacks a Serious Bomb, they should either use the cannon or hop into a nearby vehicle, if there is one.
  • When facing regular Spiders, the player should strafe in one direction, then switch directions as soon as they see the Spider fire its projectile. This way, the player will avoid the projectile with ease.
  • The player should try to keep their distance from the Spider Mechanoid. If the player is close to the Spider and it fires, it can hit the player before the player has a chance to react.
  • Groups of regular Spiders from afar can be taken out with the RAPTOR Sniper Rifle. It can decimate small groups of Spiders before they get close to the player and it can thin out a large group of them before they get close to the player.
  • The rocket launcher is effective against clustered groups of small Spiders. One rocket will kill a small Spider and greatly damage the rest of them, making the survivors easy targets.
  • Small groups of regular Spider Mechanoids can be eliminated with either the Double Shotgun or the Uzi. The double shotgun works best if the Spiders are at close range; otherwise, the player should use the uzi because of its high rate of fire and good accuracy.
  • Large groups of regular Spider Mechanoids should be taken out with the XM214-A Minigun. Its rate of fire can easily destroy a large group of Spiders.
  • Using the combo weapons system is effective for getting rid of groups of Spider Mechanoids, regardless of their size. The Beam Gun is a useful weapon for this due to its very high damage output, accuracy, and rate of fire.


  • The Spider Mechanoid resembles the Harvester, a spider-like robot from the Quake series.


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