The Spider is an enemy that appears in Serious Sam: Tormental. They are encountered in Nightmare Caves.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Spider is a creature with a head that resembles the Gonk, though it is larger, and has spider-like legs, hence its name. When the Spider sees the player, it will fire several projectiles at them, which can do a high amount of damage.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

  • The Spider has high health, as such, special weapons are recommended to use against it. The pistol can kill it as well, but it takes a longer amount of time to kill the Spider. With the Pistol, it is recommended to have upgrades such as the one that has a chance to do 100 damage, or the freezing upgrade as it makes the weapon fire freezing bullets with a small chance, which makes the Spider unable to attack the player for a few seconds, which is useful, considering the large amount of projectiles the Spider fires.
  • The Sledgehammer should not be used against the Spider, as it can fire projectiles at the player while they are trying to get close to it, which can deal a lot of damage. The hammer should be only used as a last resort.
  • Another way of killing Spiders is by activating the bombs in the area and letting the Spider get too close to them. When the bomb explodes, it can deal a large amount of damage to the Spider.
  • When encountered with other enemies, the Spider is a high-priority threat, as the large amount of projectiles it fires gives the player much less room to dodge other enemies. It should be one of the first enemies to attack in a fight.

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