"Man, I hope they never send me back to Egypt!"
Sam after he kills the boss Space Mummy.[src]

The Space Mummy is an enemy that appears in Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope. It also serves as a boss of the planet Earth stage. They are also set to appear in Serious Sam 4.

Overview and appearanceEdit

The Space Mummy is a native of a planet from Gamma Pegasi. They are undead monstrosities brought to life with dark magic. There are two variants of Space Mummies, the normal Space Mummy and Giant Space Mummy. The Giant Space Mummy only appears as a boss.

In appearance, Space Mummies are creatures that resemble a mummy, and have a fire inside their chests, which they use to create fireballs and fire them at their targets.

Attacks and statsEdit

Normal Space Mummies will only fire a fireball at the player. These fireballs can be destroyed by gunfire.

The Giant Space Mummy occasionally fires buildings at the player, similar to Kwongo. Its second attack is firing several fireballs from its chest. If the player doesn't kill it quickly, it will attempt to stomp on them with its feet.


  • Lone Space Mummies can be taken down with the laser pistol or SOP38 Pistol. It takes about 10 shots to kill one.
  • The Space Mummy's projectiles can be shot down. This can be useful if you are low on health and make sure you won't be killed by it.
  • Multiple Space Mummies can be taken down with rapid-fire weapons, such as the minigun. Shotguns are also a good choice if the mummies are very close to the player, as they deal a lot of damage and has a high rate of fire.
  • Be sure to destroy the Giant Space Mummy's projectiles whenever possible, as they deal a lot of damage.
  • The minigun and rocket launcher are the best weapons to use against the Giant Space Mummy. Their high rate of fire and damage allows the player to quickly kill it before it starts coming close to them.

Related achievementsEdit

Nobody Steps On Me Nobody Steps On Me
Defeat the giant Space Mummy.


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