The Snake is an enemy that appears in Serious Sam: Tormental. They are encountered in Nighmare Caves.


The Snake is a long green creature that consists of many segments and a head. When a segment of the Snake's body has been destroyed, another segment will turn into a head, join together with some of the other segments and form another Snake.

There are two variants of Snake: regular and armored. The armored variant has a helmet-like head than can deflect bullets. It is also more resistant to damage, requring more hits to destroy its head.


The Snake's only attack is to get towards the player and bite them.


  • When dealing with a Snake, destroy as many of its body segments as possible to reduce the chances of it turning into more Snakes.
  • Snakes aren't very tough enemies, so they can be killed easily with an upgraded Pistol, the Multi-crossbow, Shotgun, or other serious weapons.
  • With armored snakes, aim for the head and use explosive weapons to deal more damage to it, as the armored Snake's head has a chance to deflect bullets.


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