The Sirian Power Gun is an energy weapon that makes an appearance in Serious Sam: Next Encounter.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Sirian Power Gun is a powerful energy weapon that was created by the ancient Sirian race in their final stand against the hordes of Mental. After their defeat it was forgotten and lay unseen until discovered recently by the federation. Human scientists were able to understand its workings enough to duplicate it and produce ammunition, but there are still aspects to the weapon they were unaware of. The Power Gun fires a super-charged beam of plasma with a range that often exceeds the vision of the user.

The Sirian Power Gun has two firing modes; laser and energy ball. The laser fires a very damaging laser at enemies that has unlimited range. The energy ball charges up for a few seconds after the fire key is hit, then releases a slow energy ball that releases a massive shockwave that can take out multiple enemies with ease.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

  • The Power Gun's laser is the most powerful and useful weapon in the game. It can destroy even the strongest enemies faster than the XM4000 Minigun and can damage an enemy no matter how far away it is from the player. In addition, its slow ammo consumption gives the player plenty of ammo throughout an entire level and lets the player use it against weaker enemies without wasting ammo. It should be used as much as possible as soon as it is obtained.
  • The Power Gun's energy ball alternate fire is more powerful than the laser, but is less useful because it takes some time to charge up and its projectile is much slower than the insta-hit laser.

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