"Would you look at that. It's cute AND practical!"
Sam, impressed with the bracelet's abilities.[src]

The Sirian Mutilator Bracelet, also known as the Arrow, is an ancient artifact of Sirian origin. It appears as a weapon and an important item throughout the Serious Sam 3: BFE campaign.


The Mutilator is an unknown device which was most likely made by the Sirians. It appears to be mostly made of gold or a metallic texture, with a black orb on it, surrounded by four smaller blue orbs. There is an inscription on the bracelet that, when translated, says: "He shall devour the nations of his enemies, break their bones, and with his Arrow shall tear them to pieces".

As a weapon, the Mutilator doesn't have an ammo count, but does have a cool-down period if it is used too often. This is identified by the blue bar rotating clockwise around the black orb.

When used on an enemy, the Mutilator releases a blue energy beam that lassos onto the target. Depending on the size of the target, the Mutilator will either dismember the enemy or kill it after the beam has been released.

Once the blue bar has rotated all the way, it will overheat, and won't be usable until the bar has reset. A player can also identify when a significant charge has been achieved for enemies by looking and seeing whether the black orb begins to glow red, which signifies the beam is powerful enough to dismember whatever enemy is lassoed at that time.

The Mutilator also works on non-organic matter as well, such as pillars or walls, though it doesn’t work with all objects, like trees, cars, houses, barrels, or other objects in the environment.

As a keyEdit

The bracelet is also required for accessing underground Sirian complexes, or to open Sirian doors.


The Mutilator bracelet only appears in The Silent Riddler, after Sam enters a large room beneath the Great Pyramid. In this room is a blue, metallic Sirian door which is locked. As the door cannot be opened by conventional means, Sam finds another chamber with a large Sirian mummy sitting on a throne, surrounded by four alien-looking statues. He takes the bracelet from the mummy and uses it to open the door and thus enters the secret chamber.

NETRICSA descriptionEdit

"Ancient artifact of presumably Sirian origin. Analysis incomplete. Only limited statistical date available yet. This reads: "He shall devour the nations of his enemies, break their bones, and with his Arrow shall tear them to pieces". This display appears to indicate when the weapon is charged enough to deliver damage to the target. Apparently, this item also doubles as a key to some restricted areas of Sirian underground complexes."


  • Since each enemy has a unique value as to how long they must be lassoed before being able to release a charge to kill the victim, it is not an advisable weapon for every situation. The larger the enemy, the longer the player must keep the victim lassoed, sometimes long enough to near the overheating threshold.
  • The player can still be easily overwhelmed despite being able to target small groups at a time with this weapon. Larger enemies such as Scrapjacks, Khnums, and Major Bio-mechanoids will actually pull the lasso beam, thus bringing Sam much closer to each one.
  • In a similar manner, Sirian Werebulls won't be immobilized by the beam and continue running, potentially dragging Sam around with them. This can be extremely dangerous when dealing with Khnums, and Major Bio-mechanoids, as each can deal a significant amount of damage at close range.
  • Despite it pulling the player, it is entirely possible to kill such enemies with the Mutilator once the charge has been achieved, and released. However, Khnums cannot be killed with the Mutilator with one player, in order to kill a Khnum with a Mutilator, another player must assist with their Mutilator.

Time traveling deviceEdit

Mutilator concept art

An early look of the Mutilator or similar weapon.

It could be that the Mutilator didn't exist in early design stages, but instead there was a time-traveling gauntlet device (see 2nd picture from gallery).

Seeing the picture, the character in the sketch goes "poof" in the end, and combining it with the fact that there's a scrapped time-traveling feature (or "history switch" feature) found in the editor (at GlobalGameParameters.rsc), it could be very possible that it used to be a time-traveling device.

It is unknown how exactly it would work, but looking at the feature at the editor, it probably was to be temporary, time-travel duration could be extended by picking up certain (?) items (with a max "History Time Extension" of 5), and it also could fail ("History Switch Failure Sound"), but these are speculations.

Maybe that is the reason why the Sirian Mutilator used combined sounds from other weapons from the game.

Related achievementsEdit

Headsman Headsman
Decapitate a Khnum.
Killer jewelry Killer Jewelry
Kill an enemy using the Mutilator.
Rodeo surfer Rodeo Surfer
Use the Mutilator to surf after a Werebull.


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