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The Sirian Darklord is the final boss of Serious Sam: Next Encounter.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Sirian Darklord is a fusion of a Sirian Mothership's core and the spirit of a elite Sirian guard warrior. It draws its power directly from the core, and as a result is extremely powerful. Darklords are usually released when a Mothership is under attack. It has enough firepower to destroy fleets of spaceships with ease and even annihilate planets. The Darklord is able to replace damaged parts of its armor with new parts drawn from the Mothership, allowing it to continue fighting as long as the threat exists.

Its only weakness is the brief period between when its armor is stripped off and fresh armor is attached to the body, as the Darklord's systems temporary power down its shields to draw the new armor parts in.

The Darklord in Next Encounter is actually piloted by the Evil Serious Sam Clone. He managed to infiltrate the Sirian Mothership and activate the Darklord on its own, most likely to give to Mental. When Serious Sam arrives in the Mothership's core, he takes control of the Darklord in order to get rid of Sam himself.

The Darklord's attack depends on the armor it is using at the time. Its left hand will either shoot cannonballs or fireballs, its right arm will fire a large barrage of rockets or lasers and its chest allows its to fire powerful orbs. When its flies over the battlefield with its wings still attached, it will bombard the area with semi-transparent orbs that can do a lot of damage per orb. If it is stripped of all its armor, it will sweep the area while firing a laser from its head.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

  • Dodging almost all of its attacks requires the player to be strafing away from where he's firing. The exception is its laser attack, which requires the player to jump over the laser.
  • Its most dangerous attacks are its missile barrage and its orb bombardment attacks. Make sure to strip its missile launcher and wings from its ASAP so that it can't use those attacks.
  • The Sirian Power Gun and XM4000 Minigun are the best weapons to use for stripping off its armor. The Power Gun's low ammo usage gives the player plenty of firepower to strip off its armor multiple times before having to pick up more ammo, while the minigun's high rate of fire and spread can hit multiple armor parts, but will do less damage than the power gun.
  • When he gets its armor back, the first parts that should be targeted are its guns/hands, chest and the wing-like shapes on its back. These provide the majority of its firepower, and stripping them from its will make its much less of a threat.
  • Dealing damage to its after its armor has been stripped is tricky; its head is quite small, making it difficult to get a good lock on its before it regenerates its armor. The minigun works well, but generally doesn't do a lot of damage to its before its armor comes back. The RAPTOR Sniper Rifle does an enormous amount of damage per shot, but hitting its is tricky because of the controls, how fast it is and the delay between shots. However, if the player can consistently land Sniper Rifle headshots on its during the brief second or two it is still, he'll go down in no time.
  • The Atlanteans that spawn in should be dealt with if they are getting too close to the player when the player is ready to strip off the Darklord's last piece of armor and attack the head. They can get in the way if they get too close, which can become a nuisance if the player attempts to use the sniper rifle on the Darklord.

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