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The Sirians were an extinct race of humanoids originating from the planet Sirius. They are mentioned many times throughout the series, and became extinct during Mental's genocidal campaign throughout the universe. They now serve as resurrected foot soldiers in his army, often as cannon-fodder or for suicidal attacks.


The Sirians were humanoids, and based on their description in the backstory and their appearances in the series, the Sirians shared a great resemblance to humans, but were a bit taller. Unlike humans, they knew how to use magic as well as technology, giving them a technological edge over humans. It isn't known how long a Sirian's lifespan was, though due to their superior technology, it was likely longer than the average human lifespan.

One Sirian, known as The Oracle, was very tall compared to other Sirians that have been seen, and stood at least 10 feet tall. It had greyish skin and crystal blue eyes. Compared to the beheaded soldiers who were also originally Sirians, it is unknown if the Oracle was the Sirians' true appearance or if it was a different species native to their homeworld.


A Sirian plasma generator.

Compared to humans, the Sirians were far more superior in terms of technology, and also had proficiency with the use of magic. They were capable of constructing massive machines, such as generators powered from plasma, something that humans would struggle to construct even with today's technology.

The Holy Grail, an ancient treasure from Arthurian literature, may have had a connection with the Sirians, or was even made by them. In the timeline that Sam Stone visits to obtain the Grail in the Church of Sacred Blood, it was used to power up the backup spaceship that the Sirians left in there, while the Grail left in a church in Carcassonne seemed to have a far more sinister purpose. The Grail left in Carcassonne also looked nothing like a Grail, but resembled a rod made of an unknown metallic material with the figure of a snake wrapped around it. Touching the rod would cause the snake figure to bite the wielder, and the bite would cause a mutagenic effect to occur inside the user's body and transform them into a monstrous humanoid creature.


It is unknown what weapons the Sirians used, though Beheaded Firecrackers and Beheaded Rocketeers use handheld magic missile launchers, while Beheaded Bombers and Beheaded Kamikazes use primitive fragmentation grenades. It is possible they were equipped with these weapons when Mental resurrected them to use them in his army. The SSS Centerprice was equipped with an extremely powerful cannon that could pulverize almost any creature whose species was not authorized to use it.

Sirian Artifacts of Might[]

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The Sirian Artifacts of Might, or S.A.M. for short, were artifacts of Sirian origin that appeared as purple crystalized eggs. Their purpose was not fully understood, and it's not known if they were bought to Earth by the Sirians or if humans discovered them (either by accident or as part of an expedition). During the Mental War, the Alien Artifact Acquisition obtained many of these artifacts to enhance Earth Defense Force soldiers and to aid humanity in the fight against Mental's armies.

It appears that, for the effects of the S.A.Ms to take place, they had to be ingested, though they could also be inhaled. Upon inhalation, the artifact had a mild hallucinogenic effect and could grant the individual a variety of useful abilities, such as being able to carry two weapons at once (including heavy weapons like cannons or miniguns) or give them incredble strength. Those given enhanced strength were strong enough to instantly kill large creatures, such as some of the large aliens used in Mental's army.


The SSS Centerprice.

Since the Sirians were a technologically advanced race, they had many forms of transportation, including had many types of spacecraft, such as scout ships that were used for scouting missions to other planets or ships that even saw use in combat. According to NETRICSA, the Sirians' ships were constructed from a type of crystalline material.

The known Sirian vehicles include:

Time travel[]

The Sirians were capable of time travel, though their ability to do so seemed rather limited. Their primary method of time travel was with the use of a device called the Time-Lock. It is unknown if they actually used this device or just configured it to send the user back to a specific time period. Despite not being of Sirian origin, the Sirians left this Time-Lock in Egypt, which was constructed by a more ancient race. This Time-Lock was left abandoned until it was excavated in the late 21st century. The Time-Lock, once activated, would send someone back in time to Ancient Egypt in the year 1378 BC.


The Time-Lock, a device made that was bought to Earth by the Sirians.

When Sirians discovered the ability to travel through space, they met various species on their journeys, such as the Kleers. Instead of dominating or enslaving them, they decided to work with them and explore more about them. The Sirians continued to push deeper into the galaxy in order to satisfy their curiosity. For a time, all was well.

Visiting Earth[]

A few decades before their fall, the Sirians discovered Earth and humanity. The Sirians sent a scouting party to meet and establish contact with the humans. They landed in Egypt and began interacting with the residents. The humans, astonished by the Sirians and their technology, worshiped them as gods. The Sirians had the Egyptians establish massive construction projects on the Great Pyramid of Giza and some of the largest cities ancient Egypt had ever seen. Meanwhile, the Sirians began creating powerful generators and other machines underground for their own purposes. They also left two plasma generators under Karnak and Luxor, which would power up the Egyptian Time-Lock once activated.

After the Sirians bought the Time-Lock to Egypt, they would soon visit Earth multiple times throughout human history. They left a Time-Lock with each great civilization on Earth, so that someone could go forward in time and activate a backup Sirian spaceship, in case the SSS Centerprice was destroyed.

Discovering the past[]

After the Sirians discovered Earth, the Sirians came across ruins from an ancient species called the Ellians. According to these ruins, there was once a time when there were large, galactic empires ruled by creatures called the Hum-Tah, or the Infinite Beings. These empires were peaceful and constantly changed. However, the last Hum-Tah was different; he completely destroyed the empire.

Unfortunately for them, Mental soon awoke from dormancy after they discovered the Ellian ruins.


Mental began attacking the Sirians, as they were intelligent life. Though the Sirians put up a good fight, they were no match for Mental and his forces. Each of their colonies and the primitive species they had come in contact with were destroyed, one by one. All was lost.

However, there was one planet that Mental didn't know about; Earth. The Sirians on their homeworld contacted the Sirians on Earth that they were under attack, but to not intervene and to stay put. That way, Mental would not be able to find them. The Sirians on Earth complied, but received something unusual from Sirius; the Time-Lock. This was to prevent Chaad-Sheen from obtaining it and using it for its own evil purposes.

Despite their best efforts, the Sirians were killed and Sirius was transformed into Mental's base of operations. Everything had gone according to Chaad-Sheen's plans, but little did Chaad-Sheen know that there was still a group of Sirians on Earth, keeping the species alive for a bit longer.


The Oracle, the last Sirian, in its tomb.

After Sirius was overrun by Mental, the remaining Sirians on Earth began dipping into madness and depression because the rest of their species was gone. Riots and the like engulfed Egypt as they began dying off. During these last few years, the Sirians disabled their main method to summon their spaceship, the SSS Centerprice, so that it couldn't be exploited by the Egyptians after the Sirians died. However, in case of an emergency, they created a backdoor involving elemental statues and leaving riddles behind in the Great Pyramid, various temples and some of the cities. Clues to this were also hidden throughout old Egyptian texts in order to prevent any one person from piecing it together.

The last few decided to put everything they had in one crypt, in order to help the humans explore the galaxy when they were more advanced and to warn them about Chaad-Sheen. Everything, such as the location of the SSS Centerprice and what they knew about the galaxy, were buried in that crypt. One of their last acts was to activate the Time-Lock and set it to the time they lived in in case someone like the humans needed it for some reason. Two millennia later, humans would finally discover this crypt and use it to explore the stars.

The last known Sirian was believed to be The Oracle, who told the Egyptians about both the SSS Centerprice and Chaad-Sheen, albeit in terms that the Egyptians would understand. After he died, the species became extinct.

As Mental's forces[]

A Beheaded Kamikaze, a creature made out of a dead Sirian body, during the siege on Earth.

While the Sirians themselves are gone, they still exist as part of Mental's forces as cyber-zombies, controlled by a mechanical device called the Life control unit. The fact that these soldiers are still a part of Mental's forces during the Mental War two millennia after their extinction show that they have staying power as part of his forces.


  • Oddly enough, but the Sirians encountered by Sam as a Beheadeds don't look like the Oracle from SS3. In fact, they look like humans, which might be a leftover from early backstory, where the Beheadeds encountered in the future were actually humans. Perhaps they are a different sub-species of Sirian.

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