"Wait, the dragon is the superweapon? What’s next, an army of unicorns?"
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The Shaanti Dragon is the third boss of Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Shaanti Dragon is a large, chinese dragon like creature with orange skin, glowing red eyes and a very long body. It is encountered in the level The Holy Serpent.

The battle with the Shaanti Dragon takes place on large floating islands, the one the player is on moves around until it reaches the last part of the level. Enemies such as Lava Golems, Adult Arachnoid and Major Bio-mechanoids will appear in order to distract the player while they are fighting the Shaanti Dragon.

The Shaanti Dragon's only attack is to fire several projectiles at its target.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

  • Like other bosses, the player can avoid its projectiles either by shooting at them or by using a shield.
  • The Shaanti Dragon is easy to hit with projectile weapons due to its large body. The XL2 Lasergun is useful as it can quickly deplete the Shaanti Dragon's health.
  • The XPML21 Rocket Launcher and XM214-A Minigun are also effective against it.
  • The Drone Squad power-up can be effective, as the summoned drones can attack the enemies if the player wants to focus on killing the Shaanti Dragon.

Related achievements[edit | edit source]

Poultry Connoisseur.jpg Poultry Connoisseur
Defeat the Shaanti dragon.

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