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Serious Sam (Palm OS) is a first-person shooter game in the Serious Sam series that was released for the Palm OS. It was released in December 2001 and was published by Global Star Software, now known as Take-Two Interactive.


The Palm OS version is a greatly-scaled down version of Serious Sam: The First Encounter, at least technology-wise. Level architecture bears a resemblance to that of Wolfenstein 3D, as they appear to be very blocky. Several enemies and weapons from The First Encounter appear in the game. As with The First Encounter, the player can obtain score by killing enemies, and there appears that one's high score appears on the center-top of the screen, in order to give them a goal to suppress.

The graphics are very primitive compared to The First Encounter: enemies, items and weapons are 2D sprites instead of models, there are few special effects (rare animated wall textures), and levels are built out of just cubes. This is understandable, as the Palm OS version made in 2001 comes nowhere near the capabilities of even a weak PC would be in 2001.

It can be played in both color and monochrome mode, depending on one's Palm OS hardware and installed package version included on the disc used to distribute the game.




In November 2001, Global Star Software announced the completion of a Palm OS version of The First Encounter, to be released in early December. It is stated to be Windows compatible on a cover that has only surfaced online. It might be a mockup as the only known cover does not state this. The game has since been mentioned on the Serious Sam website published under the "more seriousness" section of the site. In 2018, the very first footage of the game had surfaced on YouTube.


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