Serious Sam: Tormental is a 3D roguelike top-down shooter game developed by Croteam and Gungrounds and published by Croteam. It was released on April 2, 2019 and is part of the Serious Sam indie series. It is currently in Steam's Early Access Program. The game was made by fans of other roguelike shooters, including Geometry Wars, Nuclear Throne, Binding of Isaac, Serious Sam, and Enter the Gungeon.


Tormental is a rogue-like shooter that functions like any other game in the franchise: the player has to eliminate all enemies in a dungeon while at the same time trying to survive and making progress throughout the game.

In the first few levels of the game, it starts simple, where the player can learn the basics. Overtime, as the player unlocks more content, the game becomes more complex, with new enemies, bosses, dungeon modifiers, weapons, upgrades, and characters.[1] In each run, the player can gather & combine random gun parts to construct unique powerful weapons. 

In the game, there are two main features: the Vault and the Mindmap. The Vault is the final area that contains many secrets and links to revealing Mental’s true identity, giving the player more goals than just “defeat the final boss”. Here, they will need to beat many challenges in order to stop Mental. In the Mindmap, the player can discover hidden ideas inside of Mental's mind, as well as the enemies, weapons, and items is he imagining to use in the real world.

The game includes various challenges for the player to beat. Completely these unlocks new worlds, characters, weapons, and upgrades. Over time, the player will discover new places hidden inside of Mental's mind.


Deep in an abandoned temple of Egypt lies a cursed artifact, an ancient device capable of the unthinkable, which Serious Sam could ultimately use against Mental and to defeat him once and for all. This may be his only chance to delve deep into the twisted world of its mind, where Sam's quest will lead him against reckless hordes of monsters that are the product of Mental’s wicked imagination.


There are two game modes to choose from in Serious Sam: Tormental; single-player and local co-op. In co-op, players can work together to fight stronger bosses, compete or share XP gained from defeating enemies, and revive each other with ankh pickups scattered throughout the levels.



Serious Sam: Tormental has been in Steam's Early Access Program for around two to three months. This is to give Croteam enough time to add what it has planned, though this is likely to change in the future.[2]



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