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Serious Sam: The Greek Encounter is an indie sprite-based action-adventure video game developed by Eric Ruth Games and published by Devolver Digital for the PC. The game is part of the Serious Sam indie series.



  • Cannon: a very powerful weapon which fires cannonballs that can demolish everything that stands in their way.
  • Chainsaw: melee weapon that can rapidly slash targets at close range.
  • Flamethrower: a weapon that can be used at medium and close distances, with very high damage. Enemies falling under the stream of fire will be killed almost immediately.
  • Minigun: an automatic weapon with an extremely high rate of fire and damage.
  • Lasergun: a weapon with a high rate of fire and extremely high damage.
  • Pump-shotgun: has average damage and low rate of fire. Useless at long distances.
  • Revolver: the first weapon the player acquires in the game. It has weak damage and a low rate of fire.
  • Rocket Launcher: due to the high damage and long-range flight of rockets, this weapon allows you to destroy enemies in all corners of the map. The only drawback is the weapon's low rate of fire.
  • Shocker: a powerful electric weapon.


Serious Sam: The Greek Encounter is a top-down shooter based on the 3D Serious Sam games. The player has to fight through hordes of enemies in Greece-themed levels while trying to reach the exit of a level, which is represented by a teleporter. There are 3 stages in the game, each one containing a boss fight in the end.

Unlike other games in the series, the player cannot switch back to the previous weapon they had when picking up a new weapon. So they must plan carefully before picking up a new weapon.