Serious Sam: The Greek Encounter is an indie sprite-based action-adventure video game developed by Eric Ruth Games and published by Devolver Digital for the PC and Mac OS. The game is part of the Serious Sam indie series.


Serious Sam: The Greek Encounter is a top-down shooter based on the 3D Serious Sam games. The player has to fight through hordes of enemies in Greece-themed levels while trying to reach the exit of a level, which is represented by a teleporter. There are 3 stages in the game, each one containing a boss fight in the end.

Unlike other games in the series, the player cannot switch back to the previous weapon they had when picking up a new weapon. So they must plan carefully before picking up a new weapon.



  • Cannon: a very powerful weapon which fires cannonballs that can demolish everything that stands in their way.
  • Chainsaw: melee weapon that can rapidly slash targets at close range.
  • Flamethrower: a weapon that can be used at medium and close distances, with very high damage. Enemies falling under the stream of fire will be killed almost immediately.
  • Minigun: an automatic weapon with an extremely high rate of fire and damage.
  • Lasergun: a weapon with a high rate of fire and extremely high damage.
  • Pump-shotgun: has average damage and low rate of fire. Useless at long distances.
  • Revolver: the first weapon the player acquires in the game. It has weak damage and a low rate of fire.
  • Rocket Launcher: due to the high damage and long-range flight of rockets, this weapon allows you to destroy enemies in all corners of the map. The only drawback is the weapon's low rate of fire.
  • Shocker: a powerful electric weapon.


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