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Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack! is a side-scrolling platform action video game developed by Be-Rad Entertainment and published by Devolver Digital for Microsoft Windows, iOS and Android.


The aim of the game is very simple: the player takes control of a Beheaded Kamikaze used by Mental to kill Serious Sam. The player's job is to run up to Sam and kill him by blowing up in front of him.


Kamikaze Attack is much different in terms of gameplay compared to other games in the franchise. Instead of fighting large masses of enemies, the player takes control of a Beheaded Kamikaze. The main objective of the game is to chase Serious Sam and kill him by exploding into him, whilst avoiding the projectiles he throws at the Kamikaze and several hazards, including cacti, frogs, and fences. Some of these hazards can be deflected or destroyed by kicking them, while others require the player to jump over them.

Sam has several weapons, such as a rocket launcher or tossing Serious Bombs, which he will use to destroy the Kamikaze. If the Kamikaze gets hit by Sam's weapons or the hazards, he will die. The Kamikaze can jump over projectiles, or kick them away if they're getting too close. However, the Kamikaze has a 'rage' meter which will increase whenever he kicks. If the meter gets too high, he will explode, which will take away one of the Kamikaze's lives. If the Kamikaze runs out of lives, the player will lose and have to restart from the beginning. There is also a point system, which rewards the player for kicking back projectiles, destroying hazards or killing Sam.

Like most other games in the series, the game features power-ups, each of which having unique benefits, such as adding additional lives, instantly emptying the rage meter, resetting the Kamikaze's speed or adding multipliers to the score.

The levels take place in locations such as a desert and a forest. There are also challenge levels that test the player's skills, which are great for those that have completed the basic game and want more out of it.

The player can buy and equip heads for the Beheaded Kamikaze, which will change various attributes of him, such as changing the rage meter penalty for when the Kamikaze kicks a projectile away. These hats represent various characters in the Serious Sam series, such as the Sirian Werebull, Kleer Skeleton and Processed Anthropolyp.


Devolver Digital contacted Be-Rad Entertainment to see if they were interested in creating a game based on the Serious Sam series. They agreed with the idea, so they let them borrow the Serious Sam IP in order to create a game for it. Be-Rad decided to make a game based on being a Beheaded Kamikaze, as it is both an iconic Serious Sam enemy and it can be adapted to a style of game they were already familiar with.

On February 2011, a teaser for the game was shown on Devolver Digital's twitter account. A while later, the game was officially announced.

The game was shown at some game conventions throughout 2011, such as in PAX East 2011 and in the hotel area Devolver Digital rented during E3 2011.

On September 15th, 2011, the game was officially released on iOS and the Android phone operating systems. The game could be bought for $0.99 on the Android app store for a limited time.[1]

A Microsoft Windows version of the game was released on January 17, 2012 as part of the Serious Sam Lightning Pack, which included several games in the series. It was initially released on Desura, which closed down in 2015, thus making the game unavailable for purchase. The game was later released on Steam in July 27, 2021. The new version removed all microtransactions, updated the graphics, added features like achievements and fixed several bugs.


  • One of the hats the player can obtain is a reference to Lame Knight, a game produced by Be-Rad Entertainment.


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