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Serious Sam's Bogus Detour is an indie sprite-based action-adventure video game developed by Crackshell (in conjunction with Croteam) and published digitally by Devolver Digital for Microsoft Windows and SteamOS on June 20, 2017. The game is part of the Serious Sam indie series and is the sixth indie spin-off overall.


Serious Sam's Bogus Detour is set in several locations, such as Alexandria and Memphis in Egypt, the city of Troy in the Mediterranean, Mount Olympus in Greece, biological weapons laboratories and a high-tech moon base.

The game features online multiplayer (for up to 4 players in the cooperative campaign and 12 players in both versus and survival modes) and full modding support, which can allow players to make their own mods, gamemodes, and even change the game completely with the game editor.

The player is able to change their skin with the in-game menu, with multiple skins to choose from, such as Canned Cain, Dancing Denzell, or Mighty Marvin. There is no sprinting mechanic. Instead, the player can roll by pressing the jump key (some characters have different animations when performing this action). Doing so uses up a dash charge each time, which is steadily replenished once the players resumes normal movement. The player can increase the dash recharge rate with perks.


The game starts with Sam entering the Temple of Ptah after Sam slaughters a large horde of enemies. Inside the room lies the Shrine of Amon-Ra, an important item for which Sam will need later on during his mission. After exiting the temple, Sam finds a keycard, which he uses to access a locked door. As Sam defeats more of Mental's forces along the way, NETRICSA is curious as to why so many of Mental's forces are coming down from the north. Making his way through several Orc bases, he finds out about the Mental-Altani Corporation, a wide-scale planetary mining company founded by a species of mutants known as the Orcs, who were once ordinary Zorgs before they ended up mutating themselves with an experimental green substance known as the ooze. It appears that Mental has forged an alliance with this corporation and is attempting to overthrow humanity as part of his scheme to eliminate intelligent life. The corporation have also begun polluting and destroying the environment as a consequence of producing the ooze.

Later on, Sam arrives in the grand Egyptian city of Alexandria, and makes his way to the Great Library, where Mental has stationed one of his commanders, Major Slick Stinger, to guard the area. Sam manages to defeat Slick Stinger and heads for a ship which is departing for Greece. On Sam's way to Greece, the ship is hit during a vicious thunderstorm. After the storm, Sam is washed ashore on a beach not far from the city of Troy. With no weapons and having to battle his way against mutated wildlife, he ends up in a large butchery, where an Orc multi-mission aircraft is parked nearby. Sam makes his way closer to Troy, where he has to find four missing parts for the aircraft in order to operate it. As the plane parts are scattered throughout the city, Sam has to defeat hordes of Mental's troops before encountering the Fattie Swallower, a large Scrapjack with a massive appetite. Before Sam can get the keycard, the Fattie Swallower eats it, forcing Sam to kill him in order to retrieve it. With the missing aircraft parts obtained, Sam flies to Greece, where he learns from NETRICSA that there is a portal on top of Mount Olympus, which is where Mental's troops are originating from.

Fighting his way up the mountain, Sam encounters a large Aludran wizard who is guarding the portal. After a big fight, Sam is able to defeat the beast and obtain the last fragment of the keycard, which he uses to access the portal. It turns out the portal is connected to a military base on The Moon, which was constructed by Mental-Altani to send Mental's units and Orc troops down to Earth. As Sam navigates his way through the base, destroying the power generator which powers the portals in the process, he finds out Mental's ultimate plan: to destroy the Earth with warheads carrying an extremely dangerous species of pathogen which are capable of eradicating entire planets.

With help from NETRICSA, Sam is able to recalibrate the missiles, though before he can launch them, he is confronted by an Orc General, who tells Sam that he himself will launch the missiles, though unbeknownst to him, Sam has already hacked them. After a brief duel with the latter, Sam finds the Director again, who is now in the launch command room. There, he has Sam battle two war utility mechs, Tech-X and PRIME-209, but not long before the Director launches the missiles, which initiates a countdown in the process. With only minutes to spare before the base is destroyed, Sam almost defeats the Director in combat, but he teleports away to an unknown location before Sam can finish him. Though the Director survived, Sam is able to escape from the Moon base by stealing an Orc spacecraft before the base is obliterated by the missiles. After escaping, NETRICSA tells Sam that he can now relax back on Earth after taking a 'bogus detour', and continue his original mission.


Unlike other Serious Sam games, the player is able to enhance their character's abilities or weapons, which can be bought with stars. These stars are usually placed in random areas throughout the levels, but can also be found in secrets, or are obtained when the player levels up.

There are three types of upgrades; combat, survival, and weaponry upgrades. Combat upgrades increase weapon range and ammo capacity, reduce reload speed, or provide weapons with a faster rate of fire. Survival upgrades assist the player's survival throughout the campaign, and the player is able to increase their health and armor capacity, as well as faster movement speed. Weaponry upgrades increase a weapon's firepower or potential on the battlefield.


Like other Serious Sam games, Bogus Detour has several gamemodes:

Campaign — can be played solo or with 2-4 players online with an Experience and Level Up Perk System.

Survival — this gamemode can be played offline or with up to 12 players.

Versus mode — functions like Deathmatch from other games in the series, which also supports up to 12 players.




  • Anti-Humanity Sensor Mine: An anti-personnel wine that only reveals itself when the target gets close to it.
  • AS-24 Devastator: An automatic shotgun that uses high-piercing explosive rounds as ammunition. Has decent accuracy, range, and splash damage overall.
  • Auto Shotgun: An eight-barrelled shotgun with a tight spread, but has a high rate of fire. Useful against groups of weak enemies.
  • Erasergun: A portable railgun that uses supersonic bolts to deliver high-range beams at enemies. Can cut through multiple enemies at a time.
  • Fists: Melee weapon which comes by default when starting a new game.
  • Flamethrower:: A powerful, gasoline-fed flamethrower which serves as an efficient crowd-control weapon.
  • Laser Cannon: An automatic energy weapon which fires powerful laser beams at the target. Deals moderate damage in succession.
  • Lightersaber: A powerful melee weapon based on the iconic weapon from the Star Wars franchise.
  • Oozegun: Fires a blob of ooze at the target. The player can press down the fire key to charge the Oozegun to launch the projectiles at further distances.
  • Pistol: Semi-automatic firearm that is dual-wielded. Has unlimited ammunition, but a weak damage output and low rate of fire.
  • SBC Cannon: A portable artillery weapon which uses uranium-filled cannonballs as ammo.
  • Scrap Cannon: A weapon that fires high-damaging scrap projectiles.
  • Sledgehammer: A melee weapon which can crush several weak enemies in a row. Has a moderate damage output.
  • Slicer: Fires sawblades that can bounce and ricochet off walls and destroy obstacles in its path, as well as dealing damage to anything that comes into contact with the blades.
  • Shotgun: A pump-action shotgun with a wide spread and decent rate of fire, but low firepower. Can be upgraded for increased range and higher fire rate.
  • Super Shotgun: A double-barrelled shotgun which functions identically to the Double Barrel Coach Gun from other Serious Sam games.
  • The Shaft: A lightning gun-type weapon which fires a constant stream of electricity when the fire key is held down. It deals extra damage to metal-based enemies.
  • Thompson submachine gun: Fully automatic submachine gun. Useful for clearing small to medium groups of weak enemies, but not much against larger groups.
  • Tower: An automatic sentry weapon which is often found in Orc bases, guarding the area from intruders. There are three types of towers, each one firing high damage projectiles at targets.
  • Wall Laser: Automatic weapon which fires rapid bursts of lasers when someone steps over its red laser sight.
  • XM214-A Minigun: An automatic weapon with an extremely fire rate of fire, but expends ammunition quickly.
  • XPML21 Rocket Launcher: A powerful rocket launcher which fires Inferno missiles. Deals high damage to tough enemies or can be used against weak masses of targets.


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