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Serious Editor 2 is the editor used for Serious Engine 2. It was created by Croteam.


Serious Editor 2 is the second version of the Serious Editor. Compared to Serious Editor 1, it features more tools and combines every tool into one program. It also allows one to edit and create more than Serious Editor 1 did and works on 64-bit operating systems.

Unlike Serious Editor 1, something called edit data is required to edit existing material in a game. Without the edit data, the user cannot edit most aspects of something, like altering existing animations or creating new animations for a model. Most edit data is removed because it greatly increases a game's size.

The Serious Sam 2 version of Serious Editor 2 was added to the game with the final patch.

Also its very hard to find a tutorial for this version of the editor.


Animation editor[]

Animation editor.

This tool lets the user create and modify animations.

Collision editor[]

Collision editor.

The collision editor allows the user to create and modify collision boxes for a model. These boxes can be used to identify how a model interacts with the world, and, for killable models (like enemies or player models), where they can be hit. This editor seems to be a work in progress in Serious Editor 2, as a TODO note about views appear when the collision editor is used on a model.

Destruction editor[]

Destruction editor.

This tool lets one create gibs from an existing model, such as an enemy or a prop, such as a tree. This makes it so that gibs are segments from a model instead of being a series of non-descript meat chunks that appear out of nowhere whenever a body appears.

Model editor[]

Model editor.

The model editor is a tool that lets the user view and import models into the .mdl format Serious Engine 2 uses. It also lets the user view a model in various rendering modes, such as wireframe, non-textured, textured and take a look at the model's skeletons. Different types of lighting can also be used to test how a model will look with the in-game lighting. Finally, it can let one view a model's animations to see how they'll look in-game.

Skeleton editor[]

Skeleton editor.

The skeleton editor is a tool that lets the user create and modify a skeleton and bones for a model. When combined with the animation editor, this lets the user create a skeleton and a set of animations for a model.

It can also create and how a model's level of detail to show how it'll look at certain distances in-game. This is very handy, as it lets a model take up less processing power at a distance.

World editor[]

World editor.

This is the level editor. This editor lets one create or modify existing levels. Entities such as enemies and items can be added to a level via this tool, which lets one create a playable level. It also lets one select properties such as a level's in-game name, the amount of player starts in a level, and how many entities are in. The world editor can be used to coordinate events with Macro scripts in order to produce events in a level, such as enemies teleporting in or a complex event like a part of a level changing after a certain amount of enemies have been killed in a level.

Other tools[]

Other features include the ability to edit variables (such as damage, health, etc) for enemies and weapons and the ability to import and export textures.