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The Scaffold tube is a ranged 'weapon' that appears in Serious Sam 3: BFE and Serious Sam 3 VR: BFE.


Scaffolding tubes are long metal tubes which are used as construction material. When picked up, they cannot be used as a melee weapon, like the Sledgehammer. Instead, they can only be thrown, but don't deal any damage.

Their only purpose is for throwing onto Ugh-Zan IVs back. Occasionally during the fight, Ugh-Zan will taunt and fight the sandwhale. This creates an opening for Sam to impale the tubes into Ugh-Zan's back. Randomly, if he has had poles thrown into him, he will be struck by lightning since the tubes conduct electricity. This will severely deplete Ugh-Zan's health, as well as prevent him from regenerating health; the more tubes there are on his back, the more damage he will take. Sam can throw up to 5 tubes onto his back.


Scaffold tubes only appear once in the game, at the end of The Guardian of Time during the boss fight with Ugh-Zan IV.

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