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"What can I say? We're a great guy."
―Future Sam to his past self.

Samuel Herbert "Serious" Stone, more commonly referred to as Serious Sam, is the playable protagonist of the Serious Sam series. After he inadvertently awoke Mental from is millenia-long slumber, he works himself in the ranks until he reaches Captain in the Earth Defense Force, a small military organization who defended themselves against Mental's alien army during the Mental War, and fights alongside his comrades against the invaders, becoming a legendary hero for mankind.


Sam was born and raised in Northport in the United States sometime during the late 21st century, though not much is known about Sam's past. At some point in his life, he attended a high school.

During the Mental War, he was the captain of the exploratory vessel Surveyor when he accidently awoke Mental when he was laying dormant. Sam later joined the Earth Defense Force, and in the early days of the war, he commandeered the Battlecruiser Saratoga, which he used to travel to many planets throughout the galaxy to convince the native species to join in the fight against Mental. While he was still in the EDF, he joined up with some of his friends, Hellfire, Jones and Rodriguez as part of the Alien Artifact Acquisition to find the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail.

Based on his appearance, it can be assumed he is in his late thirties or early fourties, and was probably born around the same time as Jones and Rodriguez.


Serious Sam: The First Encounter[]

After entering the Time-Lock in Serious Sam 3, Sam was sent back in time to Ancient Egypt.

After the events of Serious Sam 3: BFE, Sam is teleported back in time to Ancient Egypt to find a spaceship, which was hidden by the Sirians. Sam will need to use this ship to travel to Sirius and assassinate Mental. First, he has to obtain four magical elements which are needed to get into the grand city of Memphis. After collecting all of the elements, Sam fights his way to the city metropolis and the Temple of Ptah. There, in the temple, lies the Shrine of Amon-Ra. Neither Sam nor NETRICSA know its purpose, but they head towards Thebes. After days of walking in the desert, Sam finally reaches the entrance to the city, where he places the four elements onto the four respective altars, in a giant yard, and summons an ancient guardian of death. After destroying it, Sam proceeds to Karnak, where he finds some Sirian hieroglyphs, which NETRICSA translates for him. They say that the Sirians themselves did not live in Karnak, but in Luxor, so Sam goes there, and finds a transmitter, which he uses to call the Sirian spaceship, the SSS Centerprice. Clearing his way to the Great Pyramid, he encounters a giant warlock, Ugh-Zan III, whom he defeats, and then proceeds to get teleported aboard the spaceship and depart for Sirius, or so he thinks.

Serious Sam: The Second Encounter[]

Sam is seen travelling aboard the Sirian spaceship, but something collides into it, bringing it down to Earth (The Second Encounter opening cutscene shows a Crate Bus full of Croteam Heads crashing into it, though this may be non-canon). The spaceship crash-lands in the South American mountains. Fortunately for Sam, the Sirians left a backup spaceship in case something happened to the original, but, according to NETRICSA, it is located in a different time period.

Luckily for Sam, the Sirians left a Time-Lock in each major civilization that lived on Earth, one of them being the Mayan civilization. Apparently, the Mayan Time-Lock is in Teotihuacan, in the Sun Pyramid. So, Sam makes his way there, where he encounters the Mayan Wind God Kukulkán. After a big fight involving him and Mental's forces. the Wind God activates the Time-Lock for him and allows him to use it. After travelling in time, again, Sam finds himself in Persia. He's at a ziggurat, and from there he must fight his way to the Tower of Babel, where the Persian Time-Lock resides, along with an ancient monstrosity. After killing the monster, Sam uses the Time-Lock, and travels forward in time once again, for the last time.

Sam arrives in the year 1138 A.D. in the small Polish village of Krwawitze. NETRICSA informs him that there is a castle which contains an old book known as the Book of Wisdom, which will help guide him in finding the Holy Grail. This book was made by the Arc-Al-Magi, a clan of wizards who knew about the Sirians and are the keepers of the Holy Grail. Having obtained the book, Sam learns from the book that the Holy Grail is located in a legendary ice castle. However, by the time Sam reaches the castle, he discovers that Mental has stolen it and placed within the Church of Sacred Blood.

Sam obtains the Holy Grail.

Determined to get the Holy Grail, Sam makes his way to the Grand Cathedral, where he has to defeat massive hordes of Mental's army. As usual, Sam kills them all and heads to the church and finds out that Mordekai the Summoner, one of Mental's evil servants, is the guardian of the Grail. Sam kills him and then enters the church, and finally obtains the Holy Grail. After hearing a phone ringing in one of the confession booths, Sam gets Mental on the other end of the line. Sam then confesses his 'sins' to Mental and sarcastically remarks how "sorry" he is for killing his forces. After a small chit-chat, Sam then threatens Mental before departing in the Sirian backup spaceship to Sirius, so he can finish off Mental for good.

Serious Sam 3: BFE[]

Sam en route to Cairo as part of Team Alpha, in order to rescue and extract Professor Stein.

Sam is first seen on a UH-60 Black Hawk, which is escorting him and his team to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, where their objective is to secure Professor Hermann Stein, who, as he claims, has found a way to power up the Time-Lock, a mysterious device that can send someone through time. Halfway there, Sam's helicopter is shot down, and his comrades are killed before they can even get to the museum, so he goes to rescue Professor Stein himself. Unfortunately, Professor Stein is killed by Antaresian Spiders, but Sam is able to upload the data to HQ from Stein's cell phone.

After heading outside the museum, Sam is contacted by Garret, an Earth Defense Force pilot. He tells Sam that he will meet him at the designated extraction point, which Sam soon makes his way to, but the chopper is shot down by a Major Bio-mechanoid by the time Garret arrives. Sam kills the Bio-mechanoid and contacts Quinn, who requests that he makes his way to the crash site and rescue the pilot, but he is already too late, as a Technopolyp "hijacks" and becomes one with the chopper. Sam later shoots it down.

Afterwards, Sam makes his way through Cairo to the Great Pyramid of Giza, and proceeds to the Sphinx, which he blows up with C-4 and finds a secret chamber within, built by the Sirians, along with "The Arrow". He then heads outside for extraction. Hellfire comes in with her chopper and transports Sam over to the Temple of Karnak, where he has to activate the Horus Generator. After activating it, he continues his journey to Luxor.

When he arrives at Luxor, he activates the second plasma generator, Anubis, though he soon re-encounters the warship he fought against in Cairo. This time, Sam destroys it. After his extraction arrives, Wilson receives new orders from HQ. He tells Sam that the Time-Lock did not come online successfully, so he sends Sam to the island of Philae, where they believe the Time-Lock control room is located. On the island, Sam makes his way into the Sirian chamber in the tomb of Isis but is unable to find the control room. Quinn tells him there is a boat which he takes to Abu Simbel. There, Quinn tells Sam that he needs to find the statue of Nefertari and place it next to the statue of Ramses the Great to unlock the door to what may be the Time-Lock control room. After doing so, Sam comes across a seal, but not the control room. She tells him that this seal can open a tomb located about 3 miles from Abu Simbel.

Heading to his next objective, Sam fights more of Mental's forces as he gets to the tomb, where he is successful in activating the Time-Lock from the control room. Once he gets outside, he comes face to face with a massive Scrapjack, Raahloom, the Imposing Prototype. After defeating this massive beast, Wilson picks up him once again. Later on, Sam and Wilson are flying over dunes, when a Major Bio-mech rises out of the sand and shoots them down. Sam loses all his equipment in the fall and is also unable to contact HQ due as his earpiece broke in the fall.

Sam fights his way in the dunes and into a tomb. When he exits the tomb, he finds a way to communicate with HQ, but only to find that they have been ambushed by Mental's forces. With the Earth Defense Force gone, Sam reaches the Time-Lock to travel back in time. He finds a car and fills it with gas, and heads for the Temple of Hatshepsut. After waves and waves of non-stop enemies, Sam reaches the Time-Lock, with only one obstacle in his way; Ugh-Zan IV. He manages to defeat him and get to the Time-Lock.

Before he departs, Sam makes a quick phone-call to Mental, but his daughter, Judy, picks up the phone and asks Sam to leave a message. Sam tells her to tell Mental that "Sam is coming over to play. And by play, I mean kill him." Judy asked him if he is serious, to which he replies he is With scant few seconds before the Earth is "mooned" by Mental (Mental literally sent the Moon hurtling towards the Earth), Sam jumps into the Time-Lock, sending him back in time to Ancient Egypt.


Fiona "Hellfire" Starr[]

Sam and Hellfire seemed to be more than just friends, and there was probably a thing between them, as hinted by their dialogue in Serious Sam 3. At one point in Serious Sam 4, Rodriguez asked Hellfire if she and Sam really had sex in a helicopter whilst they were in Beijing, to which she either denied or tried to cover up in response. Later on, when they go on a 'date' together, Hellfire asks Sam the possibility of going on a date "without killing anyone", further hinting their relationship.


Sam and Jones had a good relationship, as Jones was one of Sam's friends.

Kenneth Orkanti[]

He deeply cared for Kenny and wasn't as rough on him than his team due to being a rookie. Sam was deeply saddened by Kenny's death at the hands of Lord Achriman, and later avenged his death after killing Achriman.

Lord Achriman[]

Sam had a deep hatred for Lord Achriman, not only because he was a servant of Mental, but because he would constantly provoke Sam and taunt him whenever he encountered him. After Achriman killed Kenny, this made Sam's hatrid for him even stronger.

Dwayne Rodriguez[]

Rodriguez was one of Sam's pals, and he would tag along with him and occasionally the rest of the Alien Artifact Acquisition squad whenever they had new objectives. This isn't the case in Serious Sam 3, as Rodriguez and Sam got along to a certain degree, though Rodriguez started berating Sam after he fell out of the helicopter due to not wearing his seatbelt. Sam also got annoyed with Rodriguez when he got cocky about the mission objective on their way to Cairo.

Thomas Jones[]

Tom was one of Sam's friends who he cared for like the rest of his squad. When a Khnum ate Jones, Sam was deeply moved by this and defeated the creature in a fight. Showing no mercy for the Khnum, he shoved Jones' transmitter through its skull and killed it to avenge Jones' death.

Penelope Quinn[]

Sam would report the current situation to Quinn at times and obey her instructions, but he preferred to do things his own way in combating the aliens and overcoming challenges and obstacles that he faced, which she often disapproved of.


Based on their conversations, it can be suggested that Sam and Wilson liked to joke around, such as when Wilson arrived to pick Sam up from Luxor, Sam thought it was Hellfire at first, but was disappointed after hearing Wilson's voice.


Sam's appearance has varied to some degree throughout the series.

Serious Sam 1[]

In The First Encounter, Sam wears shades and has a shirt. He also wears jeans and his infamous red sneakers. In The Second Encounter, Sam does not wear shades, but still retains his overall look from the last game.

Serious Sam: Xbox[]

Sam has a whole different look, new face, new shirt, same jeans and red sneakers. Like in The Second Encounter, he doesn't wear shades.

Serious Sam 2[]

Sam has (almost) the same appearance as he did in Serious Sam: Xbox, only with ""Serious Sam II" written on the back of his t-shirt.

Serious Sam HD[]

Yet another new look, Sam looks unshaved, he has a t-shirt with sleeves, except for the right sleeve, which was ripped and he had a Serious Bomb tattoo on his right arm. No shades. Jeans and red sneakers are the same, of course.

Serious Sam: Double D[]

For some reason, Sam seems to be much older than in the other games. He is a lot more thin than in the other games, has a white beard on his chin, longer hair, the same t-shirt from Serious Sam 1 and his signature jeans, but the jeans seem to be longer. He is also covered in bandages.

Serious Sam: The Random Encounter[]

Sam wears the same outfit from Serious Sam 2, but he is much fatter and bigger than in the other games.

Serious Sam 3: BFE[]

Sam looks younger, most likely because the game takes place before The First Encounter. In this game, he wears orange shades, leather gloves, a watch on his left hand (later covered by the Sirian Mutilator), a simple white t-shirt with his logo faded on the back, jeans with two pockets, and kneepads on both legs. He also carries a utility belt with an in-built flashlight.

Serious Sam's Bogus Detour[]

Sam wears a similar outfit to the one he wears in Serious Sam 1, though he appears much more muscular in build, and wears a white vest with the Serious Sam logo on it instead of his usual t-shirt.

Serious Sam 4[]

Sam got another major redesign, now more closely resembling his classic look. He now sports a white shirt with a colorful Serious Sam logo, blue jeans, red sneakers and black sunglasses, similar to the ones he wore in The First Encounter. He also has a different hairstyle that's very similar to the one he had in Serious Sam 2. He also appears slightly younger, as it is set prior to the events of Serious Sam 3.

Personality and skills[]

By nature, Sam is firm, kind, prudent, brave, and full of courage. He always tries not to discredit his good name and help the weak. He likes to have fun every now and then and doesn't mind drinking. Although he is often faced with many challenges, he is always ready to cope with them. Sam is very clever and cunning, he is excellently oriented in non-standard situations and very quickly understands. Without these qualities, he would not have been able to survive in battles against Mental's alien forces.

Sam often makes witty remarks and one-liners towards the enemies he's fighting or the situation he is in. He prefers to overcome obstacles or the mission objective his way. He shows little interest in history and archaeology, often preferring to blow stuff up with explosives or rocket launchers rather than solve a riddle or locate a hidden mechanism.

Sam is highly proficient with the use of firearms and explosive weaponry, though this is most likely due to his training while he was serving in the Earth Defense Force. He is able to mow down hordes of enemies with any automatic or long-ranged weapon, be it an assault rifle, submachine gun, sniper rifle, or his signature weapons, the SBC Cannon and XM214-A Minigun. He likes strong weapons and shotguns, and he addresses the 12 Gauge Pump-Action Shotgun and the minigun as "his old loves". He is also a fan of rocket launchers. He is also shown to be very physically strong. This is shown in multiple instances with the Melee Grab feature; he is able to easily snap a Cloned Soldier or an Hatchling Arachnoid's neck, tear a Kleer's skull off by its horns, rip out a Gnaar's eye from its socket or a Beheaded Rocketeer's heart from his rib cage. He is also skilled with using melee weapons such as knives, sledgehammers and axes.

Like many men, Sam has standards when it comes to women. He likes women who are powerful or have large breasts, as shown in Gathering of the Gods upon inspecting the statue of Isis and seeing the Witch-Bride of Achriman's psychic abilities.


  • His middle name is Herbert, but he had it 'surgically removed'.
  • He has a habit of saying one-liners in all of his appearances. Some of the enemies Sam has encountered, such as Lord Achriman, have mocked him for his overuse of one-liners. An Aurigan Haemovore that appears in a secret in Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse also makes a reference to this.
  • Sam finds most of the aliens in Mental's Horde repulsive due to their appearance, like Adult Arachnoids.
  • He hates keys and puzzles, according to a quote from Serious Sam: The Random Encounter, where in the second level he must acquire a key to open a door, and crates, according to The Second Encounter when he finds Croteam's secret crate bus in Sierra de Chiapas.
  • Sam wears sneakers that are very similar to Chuck Taylor All-Stars.
  • He seems to understand alien language, such as the language Mental and his daughter speak in, as well as that spoken by Gnaars and Octanians. This is most likely NETRICSA translating the languages for him.
  • He prefers not to wear his seatbelt when flying helicopters. As it turns out later, this saves his life more than once when a helicopter is shot down and it crashes.
  • He participated in Dr. Kiesel's study on the Space Time Oscillatory Noncohesion Effect, and scored 0.9 on the Kiesel scale, indicating he has strong anomalies surrounding time. This would make sense, considering he has traveled to different points in history many times throughout the series.
  • The Talos Principle features an Easter egg with Sam frozen in carbonite, which is a reference to Han Solo. For the same game, an addition was released, adding an alternative voice of the central character of Elohim in the person of Sam, performed by his original actor.[1][2]
  • In the independent game Combat Force, there is a main character named Sam, depicted as a young man in a white T-shirt. According to the developer, this is a reference to Serious Sam.[3][4]
  • He hates the scream of Kamikazes, and often mocks them for it.
  • He was nicknamed "Hairy" by his friends in high school, which apparently had something to do with goats.
  • His left foot is bigger than his right foot, and he also has a birthmark in a "very delicate spot".
  • He is a fan of bananas, as mentioned multiple times in Serious Sam 2.[5]
  • Sam was intended to appear in the Duke Nukem Forever singleplayer DLC as a small Easter egg, but was cut. Sam's appearance in the DLC was to be just a severed head with a Joker-like smile drawn on his face and Duke was to say "Why so serious?" to Sam. Later, in Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour, Sam appears as he did on The First Encounter boxart as a limbless carcass without the Joker makeup (likely due to copyright reasons). Duke then says to him, "Why so serious, Sam?".
  • According to Mental, he is likely his son due to his inhuman fighting abilities against Mental's army, though this has not been confirmed by Croteam.
  • "Sam" transliterated in Croatian means "by myself/by himself". It might be a pun on the fact that he's mostly shooting down Mental's armies one against the army.


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