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"Sam I am!"
―Sam Stone

Sam "Serious" Stone is the protagonist of the Serious Sam series. He is a living legend to the Earth's resistance against Mental. He was a captain of the Earth Defense Force, a small military organization who defended themselves against Mental's alien army. After slaying massive hordes of Mental's hordes, he became a legendary hero and a legend for Earth.


Sam was born and raised in the United States sometime during the 22nd century. Not much is known about Sam's past, though at some point in his life, he attended a high school, where he was nicknamed "Hairy" by his friends, and it apparently had something to do with goats, according to a conversation he had with Quinn in Serious Sam 3: BFE. His left foot is bigger than his right foot, and he also has a birthmark in a "very delicate spot". He is also a fan of bananas, as mentioned multiple times in Serious Sam 2.

Later on in Sam's life, he joined the Earth Defense Force and eventually became a Captain, and piloted the battlecruiser Saratoga. During Mental's invasion of Earth, Sam fought against the alien invaders, and, like many members of the Earth Defense Force, rallied with them to defend his planet.


Serious Sam 3: BFEEdit

Black Hawk Cairo

Sam was en route to Cairo as part of Team Alpha, in order to rescue and extract professor Stein.

Sam was on an UH-60 Black Hawk to escort him to the Cairo museum and secure Professor Stein, who, as he claimed, had found a way to power up the Time-Lock, a mysterious device that could send someone through time. Sam's chopper was shot down, and his comrades were killed in the process before entering the museum. So, he went to rescue Professor Stein by himself. Unfortunately, Professor Stein was already killed by Antaresian Spiders, but Sam used his cellphone to upload the data the Professor found to HQ. After he headed outside the museum for extraction, fighting his way to the Ibn Tulun Mosque, Sam's extraction (a chopper) almost landed, but was shot down by a Major Bio-mechanoid. He tried to find and secure the chopper and rescue the pilot, but he was already too late, as a Technopolip "hijacked" and became one with the chopper. Sam later shot it down. Afterwards, Sam made his way through the city of Cairo to the Great Pyramid, but encountered a Warship on his way. He damaged it, but it escaped. Then Sam proceeded to the Sphinx, which he blew up with C-4 and found a secret chamber within, built by the Sirians, along with "The Arrow". He then headed outside for extraction. Hellfire came in with her chopper and transported Sam over to the Temple of Karnak, where he had to activate the Horus Generator. After activating it, he continued his journey to Luxor.

When he arrived at Luxor, he activated the Anubis generator, and re-encountered the warship he fought against in Cairo. This time, Sam destroyed it. After his extraction arrived, Sam and Wilson were flying over dunes, when a Major Bio-mech shot them down. Sam lost all his equipment, and could not contact HQ. He fought his way in the dunes and into a tomb. When he exited the tomb, he found a way to communicate with HQ, but only to find that they had been ambushed by Mental's forces. Sam, as the last human on Earth, reached the Time-Lock to travel back in time. He found a car and filled it with gas, and headed for the Temple of Hatshepsut. After waves and waves of non-stop enemies, Sam reached the Time-Lock, with only one obstacle in his way; Ugh-Zan IV. He killed it, and flew (with the jetpack) to the Time-Lock.

Sam made a quick phone-call to Mental, but his daughter, Judy, picked up the phone and asked Sam to leave a message. Sam said he wanted to her to tell Mental that "Sam is coming over to play. And by play, I mean kill him." Judy asked him if he is serious, to which he replies, "Why yes. As a matter of fact, I am." With scant few seconds before the Earth is "mooned" by Mental (Mental literally sent the Moon hurtling towards the Earth), Sam jumped into the Time-Lock, sending him back in time, to Ancient Egypt.

Serious Sam: The First EncounterEdit

Time-lock SSHD

After entering the Time-Lock in Serious Sam 3, Sam was sent back in time to Ancient Egypt.

After the events of Serious Sam 3: BFE, Sam was teleported back in time to Ancient Egypt to find a spaceship, which was hidden by the Sirians. Sam would use this ship to travel to Sirius and assassinate Mental. First, he had to obtain four magical elements which were needed to get into Memphis. After collecting all of the elements, Sam fought his way to the Memphis Metropolis and the Temple of Ptah. There, in the temple, lay the Amon-Ra Sign. Neither Sam nor NETRICSA knew its purpose, but they headed towards Thebes. After days of walking in the desert, Sam finally reached the Alley of the Sphinxes, where he placed the four elements onto the four respective altars, in a giant yard, and summoned an ancient guardian of death. After destroying it, Sam proceeded to Karnak, where he found some Sirian hieroglyphs, which NETRICSA translated. They said that the Sirians themselves did not live in Karnak, but in Luxor, so Sam went there, and found a Transmitter, which he used to call the Sirian Spaceship. After clearing his way to The Great Pyramid, he encountered a giant warlock, whom he defeated, and then proceeded to get teleported aboard the Spaceship, and departed for Sirius. Or so he thought.

Serious Sam: The Second EncounterEdit

As Sam was traveling aboard the Sirian spaceship, something collided into it, bringing it down to Earth (The Second Encounter opening cutscene shows a Crate Bus full of Croteam Heads crashing into it, though this may be non-canon). The spaceship crash-landed in South America. Fortunately for Sam, Sirians left a backup spaceship in case something happened to the original, but it was located in a different time period.

Luckily, the Sirians left a Time-Lock to each major civilization that lived on Earth, one of them being the Mayan civilization. The Mayan Time-Lock was in Teotihuacan, in the Sun Pyramid. Sam fought his way to Teotihuacan, where he encountered and defeated Kukulkán, where the Wind God activated the Time-Lock for him and allowed him to use it. After traveling in time, again, Sam finds himself in Persia. He's at a ziggurat, and from there he must fight his way to the Tower of Babel, where the Persian Time-Lock resides, along with an ancient monstrosity. After killing the abomination, Sam used the Time-Lock, and travels forward in time, in Medieval Europe.

There lies the "Book of Wisdom", which contains information on where the Holy Grail is, which is needed to activate the second spaceship. After fighting his way through The Citadel and The Land of the Damned, Sam locates the Ice Castle where the Holy Grail is kept. But, it was stolen by someone, and placed elsewhere. Sam, fighting his way through the Corridor of Death, reached the Grand Cathedral, defeated Mordekai, the last obstacle in his way to the second spaceship, obtained the Holy Grail, and made a confession to Mental. Afterwards, he flies off to Sirius once again...or so to say.

Serious Sam 2Edit

The three Sirian wizards, Rolanda, Jebadiah, and Rajiv, summoned Sam in their sanctuary, where they assigned a mission to him: recover the medallion, the only artifact that can destroy Mental. The Medallion was scattered on many planets; one piece was given to Simbas of the planet M'digbo, which was stolen by Kwongo, another piece was given to the Zixies of planet Magnor, which was stolen by ZumZum, the third piece was given to the residents of planet Chi-Fang, which was taken by Prince Chan, the fourth one was given to Count Kleerofski, of planet Kleer, and the final piece was given to Cecil, a dragon on the planet Ellenier. Sam, after fighting his way through all those planets, collects all the pieces of the Medallion and completes it.

Then, he's summoned to Kronor, from where he must use the Kronor Cannon to temporarily disable Sirius' shield. He encounters and destroys Hugo, a guardian robot. After disrupting Sirius' shield, he flies, along with the Alliance fleet, to Sirius. Unfortunately, only he makes it, as the shield recharges and 2 alliance pilots lose their lives impacting with it. He then must proceed to the Shield Generator and deactivate the shield, but he's caught in a trap, and is forced to compete in games for Mental's entertainment. He escapes, though, and heads for the Mental Institution. When he enters it, he has a little talk with Mental, and then he shoots him. But, as it seems, it was only a radio that Mental was speaking from, or had already pre-recorded it, to delay Sam, so he could escape.


In many games that Sam has appeared in, his appearance varies somewhat.

Serious Sam 1Edit

In Serious Sam: The First Encounter, Sam wore shades, and had a shirt. He also wore jeans and of course, there were the infamous red sneakers. In Serious Sam: The Second Encounter, Sam did not wear shades, but he did retain his overall look from the last game.

Serious Sam 2Edit

Sam had (almost) the same appearance as he had in Serious Sam: Xbox, only with ""Serious Sam II" written on the back of his t-shirt.

Serious Sam's Bogus DetourEdit

Sam wears a similar outfit to the one he wears in Serious Sam 1, though he appears much more muscular in build, and wears a white vest with the Serious Sam logo on it instead of his usual white t-shirt.

Serious Sam: Double DEdit

For some reason, Sam seems to be much older than in the other games. He is a lot more thin than in the other games, has a white beard on his chin, longer hair, the same t-shirt from Serious Sam 1 and his signature jeans, but the jeans seem to be longer. He is also covered in bandages.

Serious Sam HDEdit

Yet another new look, he looked unshaved, he has a t-shirt with sleeves, except for the left sleeve, which was ripped and he had a Serious Bomb tattoo on his arm. No shades. Jeans and red sneakers are the same, of course.

Serious Sam: The Random EncounterEdit

Sam wears the same outfit from Serious Sam 2, but he is much fatter and bigger than in the other games.

Serious Sam: XboxEdit

Sam had a whole different look, new face, new shirt, same jeans and red sneakers. And no shades.

Serious Sam 3: BFEEdit

Sam´s new look

Sam´s new look in Serious Sam 3: BFE.

Sam now looks younger, most likely because the game takes place before The First Encounter (hence the name), and wears orange sunglasses, leather gloves, a watch on his left hand (later covered by a Sirian bracelet), a simple white t-shirt with his logo faded on the back, jeans with two pockets, and kneepads on both legs.

Serious Sam 4: Planet BadassEdit

As the game is set prior to Serious Sam 3: BFE, Sam now appears slightly younger, with a white shirt, blue jeans, and black sunglasses.

Personality and skillsEdit

By nature, Sam is firm, kind, prudent, brave, and full of courage, though he can occasionally be cocky and overzealous. He always tries not to discredit his good name and help the weak. He likes to have fun every now and then, and does not mind drinking. Although there are difficulties, he is always ready to cope with them. Sam is very clever and cunning, he is excellently oriented in non-standard situations and very quickly understands. Without these qualities, he would not have been able to survive in battles with Mental's alien forces. He prefers not to wear his seatbelt when flying helicopters. As it turns out later, this saves his life more than once when a helicopter is shot down and he crashes.

He has a somewhat cocky attitude, as shown in Serious Sam 3. An instance of this is when Quinn tried to assist Sam with how to get into the Great Pyramid, but instead Sam decided to do it his way and blew the Sphinx up with C-4. This could be due to the fact that he prefers to get things done his way rather than other methods.

Sam has shown extreme bravery when facing his enemies, and is determined to defeat anything that stands in his way, regardless of its size. He possesses great strength, and is able to easily snap a soldier or an Arachnoid's neck, tear a Kleer's skull off by its horns or rip out a Gnaar's eye out.

Sam is also very proficient with the use of firearms and explosives, though this is most likely due to training exercises during his time working for the Earth Defense Force. He is able to mow down hordes of enemies with any automatic weapon, whether it be an assault rifle, submachine gun, or his signature weapon, the XM-214-A Minigun. He also likes shotguns and his minigun, as he addresses the 12 Gauge Pump-Action Shotgun and the XM-214-A as "his old loves".



Little is known about Sam and Hellfire's relationship between them, as she only appears a couple of times throughout the game. Though when Hellfire dropped Sam off in Edfu, Sam and Hellfire began flirting, suggesting that there might have been a thing between them.


After Sam destroyed the Alcor Class Warship that pursued him, Wilson was he able to extract Sam. When he arrived, Sam thought it was Hellfire at first, but then he heard Wilson say: "This ain't Hellfire, but I do look pretty good in heels". Much to Sam's annoyance, he replied "Save the fashion show, just get me the fuck out of here". Based on these quotes, this suggests that Sam and Wilson like to joke around, though they may have not always had a stable friendship.


  • He sarcastically remarks how much he 'likes' keys, as he has to pick up a lot of keys throughout the Jewel of the Nile campaign.
  • Sam hates puzzles, according to Serious Sam: The Random Encounter, where in the second level he must acquire a key to open a door, and crates, according to Serious Sam: The Second Encounter when he finds Croteam's secret crate bus in Sierra de Chiapas.
  • He likes bananas, as he said multiple times in Serious Sam 2 (in Ursul Gardens, when gathering bananas, and in Shield Generator, where he was lured and captured by a rope-trap with a banana as bait).
  • Sam wears sneakers that are very similar to Chuck Taylor All stars.
  • Sam was intended to appear in the Duke Nukem Forever singleplayer DLC as a small Easter egg, but was cut. Sam's appearance in the DLC was to be just a severed head with a Joker-like smile drawn on his face and Duke was to say "why so serious?" to Sam. Later, in Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour, Sam appears as he did on The First Encounter boxart as a limbless carcass without the Joker makeup (likely due to copyright reasons). Duke then says to him, "why so serious, Sam?".
  • According to Mental, he is likely Mental's son due to his inhuman fighting abilities against Mental's army.


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