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The SSS Centerprice is a Sirian spacecraft that appears in Serious Sam 1 and the Xbox, HD and VR versions of the game.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The SSS Centerprice is a large, black saucer-shaped spaceship that the Sirians left in the Solar System, on Saturn's moon Titan. The ship was intended to be used by humanity when they became technologically advanced and while Chaad Sheen laid dormant.

The ship appears to be controlled automatically, as a transmitter has to be activated in Egypt for the ship to come to Earth.

Weaponry[edit | edit source]

The Centerprice is equipped with a powerful laser cannon, which the ship uses against Ugh-Zan III during the fight with Sam Stone inside the Great Pyramid. This cannon is capable of killing or damaging certain beings, and magnetize other ones, for example, it can kill Ugh-Zan III but it can also magnetize humans on-board. It is also extremely powerful, as demonstrated when it was used on Ugh-Zan, where it can deal a lot of damage to him, despite his colossal size and ability to regenerate.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Serious Sam: The First Encounter[edit | edit source]

The SSS Centerprice departing to Sirius.

In The First Encounter, after Sam activates the transmitter, the SSS Centerprice is shown in a cutscene flying through space and making its approach towards Earth.

Having bought the ship to Earth, Sam waits for the ship to arrive at the Great Pyramid. However, Mental is not going to let Sam slip away so easily, so he sends out one of his Grand Admiral, Ugh-Zan III, to stop him. After a tough fight, Sam uses the SSS Centerprice's laser cannon to kill Ugh-Zan, before departing onto the ship to get to Sirius.

Serious Sam: The Second Encounter[edit | edit source]

Just as the Centerprice is about to leave Earth, the ship is hit by something (the original and Serious Sam Fusion intro show a Croteam Crate Bus crashing into it after going into "hypercrate" mode), which deals heavy damage to the ship. With the ship unable to function, it falls back back down to Earth and crash-lands in Palenque, Sierra de Chiapas. Though the ship was destroyed, its main computers were still active, as NETRICSA said she was still connected to the ship's database.

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