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The SSS Centerprice is a Sirian spacecraft that appears in Serious Sam: The First Encounter and Serious Sam: The Second Encounter.


The SSS Centerprice is a large, black saucer-shaped spaceship that the Sirians left in the Solar System, on Saturn's moon, Titan. The ship was intended to be used by humanity when they became more technologically advanced and while Chaad Sheen laid dormant.

The Centerprice is equipped with a powerful laser cannon, which the ship uses against Ugh-Zan III during the fight with Sam Stone inside the Great Pyramid. This cannon was powerful enough to kill Ugh-Zan, despite his sheer size and regenerative abilities. The cannon also acts as a teleport beam, as it teleported Sam inside the spaceship before it left for Sirius.

It appears to be controlled automatically, as Sam had to activate a transmitter in Egypt for the ship to be able to come to Earth.


Serious Sam 1Edit

SSS Centerprice SSHD

The SSS Centerprice departing to Sirius.

In Serious Sam: The First Encounter, the SSS Centerprice first appears in a cutscene, where it is shown flying through space and approaching Egypt after Sam activates the transmitter in Luxor.

After Sam activates the transmitter, which brings the ship to Earth, Sam waits for the ship to arrive at the Great Pyramid of Giza. However, Mental was not going to let Sam stop him easily, and sends out one of his generals, Ugh-Zan III, to stop him. After a tough fight, Sam used the SSS Centerprice's laser cannon to kill Ugh-Zan III, before departing onto the ship to get to Sirius, little did he know that a Croteam Crate Bus was following him.

Just as the Centerprice was about to leave Earth, the ship was hit by the Crate Bus after going into "hypercrate" mode, which dealt heavy damage to the ship. After the bus collided with the Centerprice, it came back down to Earth, where it crash-landed in Palenque, Sierra de Chiapas. Though the ship had been destroyed, its main computers were still active, according to NETRICSA.

Laser cannonEdit

The SSS Centerprice's laser cannon was capable of killing or damaging certain beings, and magnetize other ones, for example, it could kill Ugh-Zan III but it could also magnetize Sam onboard.


The SSS Centerprice looked like a high-tech U.F.O. mothership, with a lot of flashing lights, and of course, a giant laser beam.


  • The name of the ship is based on the famous Star Trek ship, the USS Enterprise.
  • Its design is also based on classic alien motherships.


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