"Mister Smith, Mister Wesson! Glad you could make it."
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The Special Operations 38 Pistol (SOP38 Pistol) is a semi-automatic handgun that appears in Serious Sam 3: BFE, Serious Sam 3 VR: BFE, and Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope. It is the first firearm Sam Stone acquires in the Serious Sam 3 campaign.


The SOP38 Pistol is a special-issue semi-automatic pistol that has been used in many battles across the universe. It has 10 rounds in its magazine, but has unlimited ammunition. The player is able to use its iron sights in order to fire more accurate shots.

The pistol's firepower appears to be equal to that of the Schofield .45 and Colt Anaconda, as it takes two shots from the pistol to kill a Beheaded Kamikaze or a Beheaded Rocketeer; the same as the Schofield .45 and Anaconda. Unlike the Schofield .45 or Anaconda, however, the pistol can't be dual wielded (though in the virtual reality version of Serious Sam 3 this isn't the case), but its fast firing rate and clip size can compensate for this.

Sam first acquires the pistol in the first level of the Serious Sam 3: BFE campaign, Summer in Cairo, near the remains of a fallen EDF soldier. Later in the campaign, he reacquires it again in The Lost Temples of Nubia after he loses all his weapons.

The pistol makes an appearance in the Serious Sam 3: BFE DLC, Jewel of the Nile, where it can be found next to an office.

In Serious Sam 3 VR: BFE and Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope, the pistol is dual-wielded and equipped with laser sights.

NETRICSA descriptionEdit

"This special issue of Special Operations Pistol from 2038 has proven its combat effectiveness on numerous battlefields across the universe. The .45 ACP rounds are good enough for last-resort defense or elimination of weaker enemies. With a very efficient semi-automatic mechanism, its ROF is virtually only limited by the speed of your trigger-finger. This small gem can unload a burst of damage into an opponent, but its small magazine capacity precludes its use in massive fights."


  • Iron sights are needed for long-range shots. Otherwise, the bullet will most likely miss.
  • The pistol's low recoil makes it relatively easy to quickly fire the gun while retaining some accuracy past short range, though the bullet spread means that they won't always hit a target. Instead, one or two shots should be fired at a time to hit enemies at medium to long range.
  • It is only effective against very weak enemies such as Beheaded Rocketeers, Beheaded Kamikazes, Cloned Soldiers, and Hatchling Spiders. It is also effective on Gnaars, but it takes almost an entire magazine to kill one, making it ineffective against groups.
  • The pistol is effective against close-range Kamikazes. One shot will stun them, giving the player enough room to get far enough away to shoot and kill the Kamikaze while away from its explosion radius.
  • Its infinite ammo makes it useful for when the player is either out of ammo or wants to conserve ammo in levels where ammo is scarce, such as Into the Spider's Nest or the start of The Lost Temples of Nubia.
  • On Tourist difficulty, it kills Rocketeers, Hatchling Antaresian Spiders and Kamikazes with one shot, and Cloned Soldiers with two shots.
  • Keeping track of how many shots are necessary to kill an enemy can be very helpful on Serious difficulty. This could allow you to use the pistol to quickly dispatch an enemy when they are a reasonable distance away, before they become a real threat, and before you need to use finite ammo to kill them.


  • The SOP38 is the only weapon in the game with infinite ammunition, but NETRISCA does not state if the pistol is fitted with a techno-magical ammunition replenisher (TMAR) like the Schofield .45. However, the pistol still has to be reloaded manually.
  • The SOP38 had a different model in the demo on the GC.
  • The pistol has a different firing sound in Serious Sam Fusion 2017.
  • The SOP38 appears to be modeled after the Desert Eagle, though it has a larger magazine size than any real-life variation of the Desert Eagle and is chambered to fire .45 ACP rounds.
  • Even though Sam refers to the pistol as 'Smith & Wesson', an American company that produces revolver-type handguns, the IMI Desert Eagle was not designed by S&W, but the Israel Military Industries (IMI) and Magnum Research.
  • The grip has Serious Sam's logo on it.


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