The Rocket Turret is a stationary sentry weapon that appears in Serious Sam 2


The rocket turret is a large, orange and immobile turret with three rockets on each of its sides and a large eye in its center. When it sees a target, it will blink, then fire a rocket.


Rocket turrets are usually on the ground, but some will be above their target in order to catch their target off guard.


  • The rocket turret is quite easy to destroy; any weapon with range (not the Double Shotgun) can destroy it. Weak weapons, such ash the Zap Gun, are not recommended because it'll take too much time to destroy it.
  • Its projectiles can be dodged by simply strafing in one direction.
  • When a rocket turret is near, you should avoid putting your back against a wall, as you will take damage from the blast radius of the rocket.
  • It is little threat when mixed with other enemies, as its projectiles will be avoided while the player is trying to avoid other projectiles. There's no real need to target it when there are usually much more dangerous enemies nearby.


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