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Riverdance is the second level of Serious Sam 2.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Sam comes upon a river, which is being besieged by Mental's forces. On the other side of it is a village, whose Chief has vital information regarding the medallion. Sam fights through the river and clears it out of Mental's forces before entering the village.

Secrets[edit | edit source]

  1. While on the left side of the river, look for a hut near the middle of the left side. A hint for its location is that a few Primitives spawn near it. Go inside the house, and you'll find some bean soup. Press the use key on it, and you will activate the farting secret.
  2. Reach the part of the left side of the river that has a bridge to the middle island. Once there, go to the left wall and walk along it until you see a bush with what appears to be two Simbas having “a good time”. Walk up to the bush and press Use.
  3. On the right side of the middle island, there is a switch. Use it.
  4. Look to the left side of the middle island and you will see a raft with a Serious Bomb on it near some rocks. Shoot the string keeping the raft tied to the rocks, then shoot the raft. The raft will float to the island, where you can pick up the Serious Bomb.
  5. Once on the right side of the river past the bridge, look right. You will find some rocks near a wall. Look behind the rocks and you will find a banana. Grab the banana by holding F, then walk up to the gorilla mouth statue to the left of the bridge exit and toss the banana in it. After that, a few Primitives will spawn.
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