The Reeban Electro-Fish is an aquatic enemy that appears in the Serious Sam series.


The Reeban Electro-Fish is an aquatic piranha-like fish from the planet Reeb.


They are not as common as other enemies, only appearing wherever there is water, though they are common in Serious Sam: The First Encounter, on the Sewers level, where a big Electro-Fish also appears. In Serious Sam: The Second Encounter, they first appear in Sierra de Chiapas. Electro-Fish of various sizes also appear in the "secret yard of strange heads" on The City of the Gods level.

Behavior and skillsEdit

On their home planet, the Reeban Electro-Fish is an aggressive predator that preys on smaller underwater species. They have an effective camouflage which helps to conceal themselves whilst underwater. This way, they can attack and disorient their target with electrical attacks.

Their electric attacks can disorient their targets upon contact, which makes the Electro-Fish very dangerous in groups, as a constant barrage of the electric shocks will constantly disorient the player's vision, making it difficult for the player to fight back without losing a lot of health and/or armor, especially on higher difficulties.


  • Electro-Fishes can attack the player even if they are on the ground if the player is very close to an Electro-Fish.
  • If an Electro-Fish is out of the water and stays on the ground for too long, it will eventually die.
  • Both individuals and groups of Electro-Fish can easily be taken out with the Thompson submachine gun. Its good rate of fire allows the player to quickly eliminate them without wasting ammo.
  • Single Electro-Fish can be taken out with the 12 Gauge Pump-Action Shotgun with ease. It usually takes about one or two shots to kill an Electro-Fish with it.
  • If a few Electro-Fishes are grouped together, a rocket or grenade can eliminate the entire group in one hit.
  • The XOP Flamethrower must not be used since the fish are encountered in water and the flamethrower would obviously be ineffective.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • A fan-made YouTube video shows an earlier design of the fish sporting a much paler, almost completely white color palette.


  • The Reeban Electro-Fish got its name from Croteam CEO Roman Ribarić's nickname - "Riba" (pronounced reeba). "Riba" is also the Croatian word for fish.



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